Harness Maps, Desks, Rooms, Health and Safety, and Deliveries to bring people together to cultivate community onsite and provide you with unified and accurate occupancy data to create data-driven spaces and experiences.

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Employee Directory and Admin Roles

Sync your employee directory to automate desk neighborhoods, employee photos and more.


Envoy Desks allows employees to book the perfect desk. Place desks on a map, specify desk amenities and see where coworkers are sitting. Bookable desks are available in Workplace Premium. Permanent desks can be placed on the map in Workplace Standard.


See real-time availability on the map and as digital signage outside conference rooms. Smart nudges and check-in windows free up rooms for when they are actually being used. Part of Workplace Premium.


Streamline your mailroom and save your team time with their deliveries. Part of Workplace Standard.

Workplace Ticketing

Report workplace issues from the Envoy mobile app, integrated with ServiceNow, Jira and more. Part of Workplace Standard.

Workplace TicketingLearn how to enable workplace ticketing for employees to use


Keep employees informed of office events and announcements via push notifications and the Envoy mobile app. Part of Workplace Standard.

Employee Announcements [Mobile]Learn more about using Envoy Mobile to share workplace announcements with your employees.