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Using your Workplace Employee Log

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Using the Employee Log

  1. Navigate to Workplace in your Envoy dashboard.

  2. Click on Employee Log.

  3. This will lead you to the Employee Log with Employee Registration already selected.

  4. You can filter the date, as well as choose certain categories such as Name, Signed in, Signed out status and more.

  5. You can also switch your view between All Employees, Signed In, Signed Out and Scheduled Employees on the right side of the log as well.

Meaning of various statuses

  • Approved - The employee has completed registration and is approved to come into the workplace

  • Denied - The employee has completed registration and is not approved to come into the workplace

  • Scheduled - The employee has selected this date to come into the workplace but has not yet completed registration

  • Pending - The employee has opened the registration but abandoned it midway through. This status should clear out when they finish registering.

Approved or denied entry

  1. When the "Employee Registration" visitor type is selected the dashboard will automatically show the approved or denied status on the dashboard.

  2. This will show you from the dashboard who has been approved to come on-site vs who has not.

  3. Alternatively, you can view if a person was approved or denied by clicking on their name.

  4. This will show the status on the right-hand side of the entry.

Handling a denied entry

(Not approved to work in the workplace)

When an employee is denied entry due to possibly filling out a health check or registration incorrectly, an admin can delete the invite in the web dashboard so that the employee can re-register to come into the workplace.

  1. Navigate to Workplace > Employee Log in your web dashboard.

  2. Click on the name of the employee that was denied entry.

  3. The entry should show Denied in the top right corner of the invite.

  4. Click Delete in the bottom right.

  5. Once the entry is deleted, the Register button should show again on the Envoy mobile app so they can once again complete registration.

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