Seating Charts

Add permanent desks to your Workplace Maps

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About Seating Charts

With seating charts, you can add an unlimited number of desks to the map to create permanent seating charts which will help to simplify the process of tracking where employees sit.

Employees will be able to see a map of the office on Mobile or Web that contains office resources as well as where their coworkers are seated. Tap on a coworker to see information such as their name, icon and onsite status.

Web view

Mobile view

Adding permanent desks to the map

  1. Upload your floor plan. If you have not done so already, please see this help article with detailed instructions.

  2. Navigate to Maps in your Envoy dashboard.

  3. Click on Edit at the top of your map

  4. Click on Desks on the right panel.

  5. Click the location on the map where you want to place a desk.

  6. Give the desk a name.

  7. Assign an employee to the desk.

  8. You can repeat these steps as many times as needed to place all of your desks on the map.

We now show the profile photos or initials of assigned desks while editing your desk map to easily distinguish between assigned, hotel, and blocked desks. For more detail please review our desk setup guide here.

Hot desking (bookable desks) and desk amenities are available for Workplace Premium customers. Learn more.


  • If the desk is assigned to the employee, an employee icon will appear on the live map over that desk so coworkers can see who the desk is assigned to. If a desk is not assigned to an employee, the live map will not show an employee icon over that desk, but the underlying desk representation will still be visible.

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