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Assistant delegated scheduling
Assistant delegated scheduling

Allow employees designated as assistants to manage reservations for anyone at the company.

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This article covers how to enable this feature. If you're an admin or assistant needing to create a new reservation on behalf of an employee, please see our delegated booking article.


Any employees that are marked as assistants within your Envoy employee directory have access to our delegated scheduling functionality for anyone at your workplace. This means your executive assistants (EAs) can now easily manage the schedule of busy executives directly through Envoy, including scheduling a day in the office, choosing the perfect desk, and making edits to upcoming office reservations.

Enable EA Delegated Scheduling

Step 1: Assign as an Assistant

We currently offer three methods for assigning an assistant:

Step 2: Toggle On the Setting for EA Delegated Scheduling

  1. From the left hand side menu of the Envoy dashboard go to Workplace > Settings > Employees & toggle on Allow assistants to manage reservations.

That's it! Assistants can now manage reservations for anyone at this location by using the Desks Reservation log.


  • This feature supports full (all) day desk booking only.

  • When making an edit to an existing reservation, only the date can be updated.

  • At this time we do not currently send out any type of notification for when:

    • An edit to an existing reservation is made.

    • A reservation is deleted.

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