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Automatic Map Placement
Automatic Map Placement

Speed up your workplace map setup by placing desks in bulk.

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When you have a lot of desks, placing them on a map one-by-one can be a time-consuming task. Instead of spending the time placing each individual desk, let Envoy's automatic map placement do it for you! By leveraging computer vision AI, Envoy can now automatically place multiple desks with a simple drag and drop.

You'll need to have a map uploaded before you place any desks or other resources. Haven't uploaded a map? Check out our Map Setup Process help article.

How to use

  1. Navigate to Maps > Live Map, then select Edit Map.

  2. On the right side panel, click on Add resources > Desks.

  3. Once you've clicked on Desks, hold Command ⌘ (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) while you click and drag the boundary box completely covering your desks. Envoy will place desks accordingly.

  4. Order the desks horizontally or vertically by using the dropdown. If you have a csv of desks uploaded, your placed desks will be ordered in the same way.

    1. Horizontal placement

    2. Vertical placement

  5. Confirm or Deny Placement.

  6. Save your new map to publish it.


  • Make sure your bounding box covers the entire area in which you want to place desks.

    • In this example, the user does not highlight the borders of the desks, so Envoy cannot "see" them properly.

    • Below is the proper way to highlight these desks.

  • You can use this feature to place desk resources on shapes that are not square - just make sure the bounding box covers the shapes appropriately.

  • This feature works best on clean maps. Any text or objects obscuring your desks can interfere with automatic desk placement. Below are two examples of maps that won't be ideal for automatic desk placement.

    • Desks have text on top of them, blocking the auto-placement software's detection of individual desks.

    • Desk map is too detailed and the auto-placement software cannot accurately "see" the individual desks.

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