🚨 Important note: Proof of COVID test results is available worldwide, with the exception of China, Russia, and India.

Enable Capture COVID-19 test results

  1. Navigate to Protect > Settings > Documents

  2. Toggle "Capture COVID-19 test results"

  3. Click "Confirm" to acknowledge the "Notice and Disclaimer"

Important Notes:

  • You can set the number of days when the COVID-19 test results will expire under Protect > Settings > Employees

  • For example, if you set the approval time to 7 days and a test is submitted on Oct 3rd, the employee will be promoted in app on Oct 9th to submit a new test result.

  • Once Approval expires the employee will be prompted in app to submit the latest test results.

  • If an admin approves a test result that is over the the approval date, then the employee will be still promoted to re-submit results.

Disable health check with negative COVID-19 test result

  1. Navigate to Protect > Settings> Employees

  2. Edit Employee registration and edit the registration flow

  3. Toggle on the "Allow employees to skip the health check if they have a negative COVID-19 test result."

Review COVID-19 test results

  1. Navigate to Employee directory > All employees

  2. From here you can filter for employees with various COVID-19 test result statuses - "approved", "denied:, "pending review" and "not submitted".

  3. To review pending documents, either click the "Review all pending documents" button next to "Export" or select "pending review" from the drop down.

    • If there are no documents to review the button will be greyed out.

  4. After reviewing the document, you can approve or deny by clicking the corresponding buttons at the top of the page.


  • There's a template you can use to explain this feature to your employees here.

  • If an employee's submission is denied, they can resubmit

  • If you denied a submission by mistake, you can click "reset" next to the denied button and then re-approve.

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