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Workplace is the only fully integrated solution that brings together everything you need to manage and optimize your workplace.

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What to expect with Protect?

Starting May 17th, Protect will be called Health and Safety and will be nested under our Workplace product. Don't worry, the current functionality of Protect is not changing!

What is Workplace?

Envoy Workplace is a new all-in-one solution that helps you understand and continuously optimize workplace operations and the onsite employee experience. Workplace Premium unlocks access control integrations that give you accurate insights into onsite attendance and trends.

When it is time for you to renew your current contract, you will be able to purchase Maps, Desks, Rooms, Health and Safety, and Deliveries as one bundle that unifies the workplace experience. Until your renewal date, expect the same great functionality you had under Protect to exist under Workplace.

Workplace Standard:

  • Interactive Workplace Maps - Enable employees to see the location of meeting rooms, visitors areas and delivery areas. Learn more

  • Static Maps & POIs - Add points of interest such as AEDs, fire extinguishers and more to Maps. Learn more

  • Neighborhoods - Designate sections of your office, or office floors to specific teams or groups, based on capacity. Learn more

  • Seating charts - Add unlimited, un-bookable desks to the map to create permanent seating charts. Desk amenities and hotel / booking functionality require an upgrade to Workplace Premium. Learn more

  • Workplace Scheduling - Book your office days, favorite coworkers and see their schedules on mobile. Capacity limits enforced. Learn more

  • Workplace Ticketing Integrations - File a ticket from our mobile app to a ticketing system. Learn more

  • Announcements - Share announcements with employees through Envoy Mobile. Learn more

  • Slack, Teams, Google calendar, Outlook Integrations - Book an office day and reserve a desk. You will not be able to invite visitors if you do not have the Visitors module. Learn more

  • Mobile App - Schedule, create groups, and see the map in our mobile app. Inviting visitors will only work if you have the Visitors module. Learn more

  • GPS-based Mobile Sign in - Employees can individually allow the Envoy app to track their location and auto sign in. Learn more

  • Unlimited locations - Learn more

  • Capacity limits - Set a daily capacity limit and Envoy will track your invites and visitors for the day and aggregate the numbers in a status bar on your dashboard. Learn more

  • Scheduling limits - Set how far out your team can schedule themselves to come into the office. Learn more

  • Deliveries - Streamline your mailroom and avoid missed packages. Learn more

  • Collaborate with your team - Invite or favorite co-workers and see their onsite status Learn more: Collaborating with your team and Onsite status

Workplace Premium:

  • Analytics - Occupancy reporting backed by sign-in signals. The analytics dashboard helps admins drive smart space decisions with out-of-the-box reports as the one source of truth. The dashboard provides a unified view of workplace occupancy data on attendance, registrations vs no-shows, and desk + room utilization. Admins can also explore data broken down by department, day of week and neighborhood. Learn more

  • Health & Safety (previously Protect) - Sign-in workflows for enforcing health checks, vaccinations, etc. Learn more

  • SSO, Directory Sync - Securely sign in and sync employees into the Directory. Learn more

  • Desks - Easy desk booking for a flexible workplace. Learn more

  • Rooms - Digital signage for your conference rooms and real-time room availability. Learn more

  • Access control badge integrations - Badge data will sign employees in on Envoy and provide occupancy data.

  • Wifi auto sign-in (Coming soon)

  • Import occupancy data (Coming soon)

Please see this article for more information about Workplace Billing.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Envoy Support where we are more than happy to assist!

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