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Supported Hardware for Envoy Workplace
Supported Hardware for Envoy Workplace

Learn what devices are compatible with Envoy Workplace

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In order for your employees to register to come into the office with Envoy Workplace, they must have an Envoy account.

You can create an account using the Envoy web dashboard or with Envoy Mobile.

The Envoy web dashboard is available in any web browser, but we recommend google chrome for the best experience.

Envoy Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

In order for Envoy Mobile to work as expected, we suggest your phone is as up-to-date as possible.

  • For iOS, the device must be on iOS 16 or higher.

  • For Android, the device must be on Android 7.0 Nougat or higher.

  • In order to allow your Employees to check in via iPad Kiosk, you must have a Visitors license since the sign-in flows and devices are a part of the Visitors subscription. Learn more about Visitors.

  • The ipad sign-in kiosk will create an employee entry, but it will not check an employee in to an existing reservation.

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