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Space Planning with Insights
Space Planning with Insights

Utilize your occupancy data to make data-informed decisions on future map changes.

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Attendance Insights

Using your existing occupancy data, Envoy Map Insights can provide suggestions for space planning. These insights can guide you when planning out the most effective use of your space. Once enabled, these insights will be available at all locations.

To enable:

Only a global admin will be able to enable this feature.

  1. Under Data of individuals, toggle to ON.

To use:

These insights are shown when creating a map draft.

  1. Navigate back to your desired location, then go to Maps > Map drafts > Create Draft.

  2. Once you're in Edit mode, click on Insights in the upper left-hand corner.

  3. Once Insights has been turned on, you'll see space planning suggestions based on your own occupancy data.

  4. Clicking on an individual employee will give you suggestions based on their attendance habits. In our example below, Maggie Aquino isn't assigned a desk, but Insights tell us that she comes in 4 days a week. Based on this data, it would be a good idea to assign Maggie a desk!


  • To set an in-office policy, navigate to Global overview > Analytics > Settings. You'll set your attendance policy under In-Office Policy.

  • Haven't set up your map yet? Check out our Workplace maps article for instructions.

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