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Using Interactive Workplace Maps

Use Workplace Maps to better navigate the office.

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With Interactive Workplace Maps, you can find even more of what you need in the workplace. In addition to desks and coworkers, the map will enable you to see the location of meeting rooms, visitors areas and delivery areas and more. Maps are especially useful when visiting other offices where you need to find your way around.


  • Make your workplace experience more seamless throughout the day by using interactive maps on the Envoy app.

  • Search the map on your mobile device for the things you need around the office such as Rooms, Desks, Delivery areas, Printers, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency exits, co-workers and more.

  • Plan out your workspace and understand its usage.

  • Save time by better orienting oneself with the workplace.

  • Know where to greet visitors or pick up packages.

Share Workplace Schedules

If your team needs to see which employees are on site, have an assigned desk, or have reserved a desk for the day via the Interactive Workplace map, you must enable our Share Workplace Schedules feature. This allows employees to see each other's scheduled days/desks. Under the web dashboard an admin can navigate to Workplace > Settings > Employees to toggle this feature on, see here for more info.

Live Map [Web]

The live map will show you the live workplace map and can be filtered by date, employee name and floor number.

When loading the Live Map, you will see your current assigned Desk highlighted in Red. By using the drop down menus you can filter between Available Desks and Room.

Available Desks will be shown on the Map in Green, and can be booked by clicking Book Desk. This will change your currently assigned desk.

Important Notes:

  • Booking a Room from the Live Map is only available on the mobile app

Live Maps [Mobile]

On the Envoy Mobile App, you can filter and search for resources such as Rooms, Desks, Delivery areas, Visitors areas and Points of Interest.


  • Search for resources on the map.

  • See on the map which rooms are currently available (shown in green), unavailable (in red), or non-bookable (in grey).

  • Tap on an available meeting room (marked in green) to book it for an impromptu meeting.

  • Filter for rooms based on availability, floor number, amenities and capacity.


  • Find and book available desks on the map.

  • Book desks by the hour.

  • See where your co-workers are sitting.

  • Check out this article to learn more about booking a desk on mobile.


  • Invite visitors from the map.

  • View visitors' sign-in status.

  • Tap on a visitors area to see more details of a visitor who has checked in.


  • See delivery areas and mailrooms on the map.

  • See delivery details.

  • Mark packages as picked up.

Points of Interest

  • Safety:

    • AEDs

    • Emergency Exits

    • Fire Extinguishers

    • First aid

  • Workplace amenities:

    • Break rooms

    • Cafes

    • Delivery areas

    • Kitchens

    • Mother's rooms

    • Printers

    • Visitor areas

  • Facilities:

    • Accessible

    • Elevators

    • Restrooms

    • Stairs

  • Custom POIs:

    • You can create your own custom areas on your map.


  • Rooms on the web version of the map will be read-only. Booking a meeting room is only available on the mobile version.

  • Resources shown on the map are available based on the Envoy plan your company has purchased and what resources they have made available when creating the map. For example, you will not see rooms on the map if your company has a Workplace Standard plan.

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