Viewing a different location

Each Envoy location has its own visitor log and settings, and you can search and switch between locations if you have global permissions.

  1. Log in to your dashboard.

  2. Click on your company name in the top left.

  3. Search for a location or click on the location you’d like to view. (You must have two or more locations in order to use the search option.)

Tip: If you follow the steps above and don't see a location you think you have access to, check your admin roles to see if you need additional permissions.

Adding a location

  1. Log in to your dashboard.

  2. Click on your company name in the top left.

  3. Click on “Add a location”.

  4. Fill in your company name, location name, and address for your new location.

  5. (Optional) Copy settings from another location.

    1. Copying location settings will copy over your logo, accent color, visitor types (including sign-in fields, NDA text, registration settings, and more.)

    2. Note: Copying location settings does not copy your directory. You’ll need to populate your new location’s directory once it’s created.

  6. Review billing.

    1. Regardless of active locations, Envoy plans are billed per license, as we bill based on access to the product/service and not usage. For example if a customer has 5 paid VR licenses, but only 3 active locations, they will still be billed for 5 licenses upon renewal.

    2. If you’re at capacity for active locations to paid license(s), adding a new location will require you to purchase an additional license OR deactivate a location to free up a license to be used towards this new location. If you purchase an additional license, you’ll pay a prorated portion of the month or year to cover the time until your next renewal date.

  7. Click “Add location”.

Tip: If your company pays Envoy via invoice instead of a credit card, you'll need to contact us to add locations.

Grouping locations

You can add your locations to groups to make it easier to manage a collection of locations at once.

  1. As a global admin, go to Global Overview > Locations.

  2. Click on "Create Groups" then add locations to those groups as desired.

These groups can be used wherever location filters are used within the dashboard such as for analytics, visitor logs, and admin roles.

Additionally, the locations can be viewed on a map on the Locations page.

Tip: If you are a Location admin for every location in a group you can view everything in regards to that group of locations.

Deactivating a location

When purchasing Envoy, you’ll pay for a certain number of subscriptions that act like “seats.” Subscriptions are not associated with a specific location, but rather, they dictate how many locations can be active at one time.

Deactivating a location can come in handy if you need to “open up a seat” for a new location without paying. While a location is deactivated, visitors cannot sign in, but you can access visitor data and history.

How to deactivate a location

  1. Go to Visitors > Settings > Account.

  2. Locate Deactivate location and click “Deactivate”.

Deleting or removing a location

Deactivating a location(s) does not remove the location from your bill; it solely frees up the license to be used towards a new location. You can contact us to reduce the number of locations off your bill at any time which will be reflected at the start of the the next billing cycle.

If you'd like to delete a location(s) please contact us to do so as well.

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