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Envoy Mobile is the mobile app companion for Envoy's products that lets you get more out of your workplace. Whether you're an administrator or employee, you can use the Envoy mobile app to get things done across the office on the go.

You can use the Envoy mobile app on any iPhone running iOS 16 or higher, or Android 7.0 (Nougat) or higher. Download it on the App Store or get it from Google Play today.

How the Envoy mobile app works

Anyone in your company can download and start using the Envoy mobile app. Depending on which Envoy products your workplace uses and if an employee also has administrative permissions, they will have different functionality available to them in the app. Below are all the ways employees use the app in your workplace and others.

Schedule yourself to come into the office

Requires Envoy Workplace

Anyone in your company can download and use the Envoy mobile app. If you have Envoy Health and Safety enabled your employees can quickly schedule themselves to go into the office and complete your company's health check. And if your company sets up Envoy Desks your staff can be assigned a place to sit

Register guests and see who's coming to visit

Requires Envoy Visitors

Register upcoming office guests and keep track of who is scheduled to arrive when, so you’re prepared for every visit. Edit scheduled visits, sign out visitors, and view your visitor history.

Manage your incoming office deliveries

Requires Envoy Workplace

Simply snap a picture to automatically log deliveries, notify each recipient, and send reminders to make sure packages get picked up. Recipients get notified as soon as a package arrives and can easily confirm pick-up.

Quickly book rooms for last-minute meetings

Requires Envoy Workplace

If you’re on the go and need a room, get room recommendations based on your location. Book a nearby space in one click.

Connect with your co-workers

View your employee directory, and message team members right from the app. In the directory you’ll find a record for each employee, which contains their name, email address, cell phone number (optional) and assistant (optional). This is the easiest way to access contact information for your whole team, with your whole team.

Customize your notification preferences

Choose how you’d like to be notified when visitors arrive to see you or when you receive deliveries. Your company sets where notifications are sent by default; however, you can edit where you would personally like to receive notifications in your profile.

Sign in at other offices in seconds

If you visit an office that uses Envoy, the Envoy mobile app will automatically send your details directly to the iPad so you can sign-in in seconds and collect a digital stamp for each office visit. 

Quick Actions (available on iOS only)

If you're using an iOS device, the following quick actions are available:

  • Reserve and Check in: creates a reservation for the current day and checks you in.

  • Search the map: pulls up a search bar for locating your coworkers or office amenities.

  • See today's coworkers: navigates to "Your schedule" so you can view scheduled coworkers

  • Report an issue: opens a submission form where you can report any workplace issues. Your administrators must have the ticketing feature enabled in order to use this.

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