Emergency Notifications

Enable and send emergency notifications for your workplace.

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Emergency Notifications is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance safety and streamline emergency response in your workplace. This feature provides real-time occupancy data and facilitates rapid communication during emergencies. You can see a list of all employees and visitors on site, and send alerts across multiple channels in a few clicks, all from a single platform.


  • Onsite Awareness Precision: Knowing exactly who is in the building at any given time allows for more efficient evacuation procedures and ensures that no one is overlooked during an emergency. Because Envoy has a comprehensive list of the employees, visitors, vendors, contractors, and traveling employees in the employee log, customers can more precisely message the relevant parties without creating noise or panic in personnel who are working from home that day.

  • 1-click Communication: The ability to send immediate alerts to all building occupants during emergencies or drills ensures that everyone is informed and aware of the situation. This can help prevent panic, reduce confusion, and ensure that everyone knows what to do and where to go, making emergency situations more manageable. Visitors and employees can also respond by marking themselves as safe, providing admins and responders with up to date knowledge on who needs help.

  • Compliance-Conscious Coordination with Emergency Responders: By providing emergency responders with live data, Envoy Emergency Notifications aids in rescue efforts and ensures that help can be directed where it's most needed.

  • Tools consolidation: Envoy Emergency Notifications consolidates emergency preparedness into our all-in-one workplace platform, eliminating the need for multiple point solutions.

Subscription Note

  • Workplace Premium Plus allows you to send emergency notifications to your employees only.

  • Visitors Enterprise allows you to send emergency notifications to your visitors only.

  • If you want to send emergency notifications to both your employees and visitors, you'll need to subscribe to both Workplace and Visitors.

Learn more here about our features and pricing.

Delivery Methods

Effortlessly send multi-channel emergency notifications via SMS, email, and push notifications.

  • SMS

  • Email

  • Push notifications

SMS Prerequisite


In order for Envoy to send an employee a SMS emergency text notification the user must have their mobile number listed under their Envoy profile in your employee directory. You can prompt employees to add their phone number by navigating to Manage > Location settings > Emergency Notification Settings and toggling Passively collect employee phone numbers to ON.

This adds a banner to the top of the Profile page, where employees can add their phone number by selecting Edit.

Video - Show employees how to add their phone number using Envoy Mobile.

We currently offer three methods for Admins to add a phone number:


Your visitor sign in flow must require that visitors provide their mobile number during registration. This will allow Envoy to send your visitor a SMS emergency notification during an emergency.


You must use Envoy's default phone number field called Your Phone Number for emergency notifications.

  1. Go to Visitors > Settings > Sign-in flow on the Envoy web dashboard.

  2. Click Edit on the sign in flow you need to update.

  3. Under the Sign-in fields tab locate the field titled Your Phone Number and toggle it to be Required.

  4. Make sure to hit the Save button at the top right.

  5. If you do not have the phone number field added yet, select the Add field dropdown caret at the top.

  6. Choose the Phone option and this will add the Your Phone Number field to your flow.

  7. Toggle it to be Required and click Save.

Email Prerequisite

To ensure that you receive our email emergency notifications we recommend that you whitelist Envoy's email addresses and IP.

Notification Recipients

Emergency Notifications allow you to send emergency notices to:

  • Yourself.

  • All checked-in employees and visitors.

  • Employees and visitors with reservations for the day at a specific location.

  • All employees in the directory for a specific location.

  • A custom group comprised of any employees and/or visitors.

Enabling Emergency Notifications

Before you can send emergency notifications using Envoy Mobile, this feature needs to be enabled on the web.

  1. Scroll down to Emergency Notification settings.

  2. Toggle Allow admins to send emergency notifications to On.

  3. Optional: You can Passively collect employee phone numbers by toggling this to On.

How to Send Emergency Notifications on Envoy Mobile

Minimum Requirements

Your mobile device must meet the below requirements to send emergency notifications through our mobile app:

  • Android:

    • OS 7.0 and above.

    • Envoy app version 4.61.0 or higher.

  • iOS:

    • iOS 16 and above.

    • Envoy app version 4.62.0 or higher.

Your emergency notification recipients do not need to install the Envoy mobile app in order to receive your SMS emergency text.

Send an Emergency Notice

Send multi-channel emergency notifications via SMS, email, and push notifications using Envoy mobile.

To ensure that your employees and visitors receive your SMS emergency notice please make sure that we have their phone number on file. No SMS will be sent if we do not have their number.

  • Employees: Their mobile number must be listed under their Envoy profile in your employee directory. See here on how to add your employee phone numbers.

  • Visitors: Require visitors to provide their phone numbers during registration. Learn here on how to update your visitor sign in flow.

  1. Download the Envoy mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.

  2. Log into your Envoy user account.

  3. Navigate to the location you need to send out a notification for by selecting the dropdown caret next to the location name at the top left.

  4. Click the plus icon at the top right and choose Send an emergency notification.

  5. A new window will pop up where you can select message type, select an employee group, and type in your message.

    1. Note there is a 320 character limit for each message.

      1. All [location] employees: All employees in the directory at your location

      2. All checked in: All employees that are currently checked in via Envoy

      3. All with reservations today: All employees that have made reservations via Envoy

      4. + Select Recipients: Opens a list of employees at that location, allowing you to select a custom audience for your notification. Available on Envoy Mobile v4.64.0

      5. Just you: This will only send to you

  6. Ask employees to mark as safe allows employees to mark themselves as safe or acknowledge receipt. Select Yes or No. Available on Envoy Mobile v4.66.0

  7. When you are ready to send out the notice select Send.

  8. Recipients in your selected groups will receive your emergency notice. You will also be able to see your notice under the Announcement section of the Home tab.

There may also be a banner advising that some employees/visitors do not have registered phone numbers for which they may not receive an SMS emergency notification message.

Sent Log

Once your emergency notification is sent you will land on a page that details who successfully received your notice and who marked themselves as safe. You can also access the sent log from the app home page by tapping on the Announcement > Recipients. By tapping on someone's name, you can view more details about the delivery.

The sent log is broken up into six categories and you can click each one to filter as needed.

  1. Not sent

  2. Marked as safe

  3. Not marked as safe yet

  4. Sent

  5. Employee

  6. Visitor

Mark as Safe

The sent log will show who has marked themselves as safe. This allows admins to view real time data about the individuals in your building.

Employees and visitors can learn how to mark themselves as safe here.

Archive Emergency Notice

Easily archive emergency notifications that are no longer needed using Envoy Mobile.

  1. Log into your user account on Envoy's mobile app.

  2. On the Home tab under the Announcements section click on the emergency notification you want to archive.

  3. The next page will lead you into your emergency message, click on the ellipsis at the top right corner.

  4. Select Archive announcement and choose Archive. Your emergency notice will now be hidden from the announcements section on the mobile app for all your employees.

Employee Experience

  • The email, push, and SMS notice from Envoy will display your emergency notification message. They will be able to mark themselves safe by using the link provided in the message.

  • Your employees will also be able to open the Envoy mobile app to view your emergency notification under the Announcement section on the Home tab.

  • To ensure that your employees receive your SMS emergency notice please make sure that their phone number is listed in your employee directory. No SMS will be sent if we do not have their number. See here on how to add your employee phone numbers.


  • An admin can only send out an emergency notice via the Envoy mobile app.

  • Emergency notifications cannot be viewed or archived on Envoy's web dashboard at this time.

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