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Interactive Workplace Maps

Learn about Envoy's Interactive Workplace Maps

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With Interactive Workplace Maps, employees will be able to find even more of what they need in the workplace. In addition to desks and coworkers, the map will enable employees to see the location of meeting rooms, visitors areas and delivery areas and more.

Maps are especially useful for employees visiting other offices and they need to find their way around.


  • Make the workplace experience more seamless throughout the day by using interactive maps on the Envoy app.

  • Search the map on your mobile device for the things you need around the office such as Rooms, Desks, Delivery areas, Printers, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency exits, co-workers and more.

  • Plan out your workspace and understand its usage.

  • Save time by better orienting oneself with the workplace.

  • Let employees know where to greet visitors.

  • Provide guidance to employees on where to pick up packages.

Share Workplace Schedules

If your team needs to see which employees are on site, have an assigned desk, or have reserved a desk for the day via the Interactive Workplace map, you must enable our Share Workplace Schedules feature. This allows employees to see each other's scheduled days/desks. Under the web dashboard an admin can navigate to Workplace > Settings > Employees to toggle this feature on, see here for more info.

Map Setup Process for Admins

Admins can create and build interactive workplace maps for each location and place desks, visitor areas, and deliveries. They can also draw meeting rooms to a custom shape and size.

To create your map:

  1. Navigate to the Maps section of your Envoy dashboard.

  2. Click on Create a floor.

  3. Give your floor a name.

  4. Upload your floor map.

The Map image file-type must be .png or .jpeg

Adding resources to your map

  1. Navigate to the Maps tab in your Envoy dashboard.

  2. Click on the Edit map tab at the top of the page.

  3. Select the floor you are working on.

  4. Place your resources such as your desks, rooms, visitor and delivery areas by selecting them from the Add resources tab.

Adding Rooms to your map

  1. Navigate to Maps > Edit Maps.

  2. On the right side panel, under Bookable resources, click on Rooms.

    1. If you don’t see the right side panel, click on the panel arrow.

  3. Click on the map to start drawing the shape of your room.

  4. Place a dot for each corner of your room and connect the dots to finish drawing.

    1. You can adjust these dots as needed to properly outline your room.

    2. After putting in 3 dots it will direct you to connect the dots to complete the shape of the room.

  5. Once the dots are connected the rooms details will populate in the right panel.

  6. Select the rooms name from the list of rooms you have enabled in your connected Google or Microsoft Calendars.

  7. Be sure to toggle on Enable room to make that room available for booking

  8. Click Save.

Check out our Rooms article for more information about connecting your calendar and creating Room resources.

Adding Neighborhoods to your map

  1. Click on Create Neighborhood.

    NOTE: If you already have an existing neighborhood, it will be at the top right-hand corner of the page.

  2. Give your neighborhood a name.

  3. Click Create.

Check out our Neighborhoods article for more information.

Adding Desks to your map

  1. On the right side panel, under Bookable resources, click on Desks.

  2. Place your desk on the map by clicking where you want the desk to be located.

  3. Edit your desk details (right panel):

    1. Name your desk.

    2. Assign a Neighborhood. (optional)

    3. Assign a person to that desk. (optional)

    4. Assign desk amenities. (optional)

    5. Be sure to toggle on Enable desk to make that desk available for booking.

  4. Click Save.

Check out our Desks article for more information on how to create Desks and assigning amenities.

Managing Seating with Insights

By using your occupancy data, you can get insights into employee habits to assign desks accordingly.

  1. Select Manage Seating from the right side panel.

  2. Click on Insights to reveal data on employee habits. When this is enabled, the Insights button will be purple. To disable, just click Insights again to hide.

For more in-depth information on how Insights works, check out our Space Planning with Insights guide.

Assigned Desks and Neighborhood Filter in Edit Mode

To provide an accurate picture of your space utilization and enable better planning capabilities Envoy has has made updates to how Desks and Neighborhoods are displayed while editing your map.

Desks: We now show the profile photos or initials of assigned desks to easily distinguish between assigned, hotel, and blocked desks.

Neighborhoods: To decide which desks you want to view while editing you can now filter by neighborhood. Just click on the All neighborhoods dropdown menu and select which neighborhood you would like to edit.

Adding Visitor Areas to your map

  1. Navigate to Maps > Live Map then select Edit Map.

  2. On the right side panel, click on Add resources > Visitor Area.

  3. Place your visitor area by clicking a space on the map.

  4. Edit your visitor area details (right panel):

    1. Visitor area name.

    2. Toggle Enable visitor area on.

  5. Click Save.

Adding Delivery Areas to your map

  1. Navigate to Maps > Live Map then select Edit Map.

  2. On the right side panel, click on Add resources > Delivery Area.

  3. Place your delivery area by clicking a space on the map.

  4. Edit your delivery area details (right panel):

    1. Select your delivery location from the drop down menu.

    2. Toggle Enable delivery area on.

  5. Click Save.

Check out this article to learn more about Delivery Areas.

Adding POIs to your map

  1. Navigate to Maps > Live Map then select Edit Map.

  2. Click on Add resources on the right side of the map and select any or our Points of interest, or create a custom one.

  3. Click on the map where you want to place the resource.

  4. Give the resource a name or keep the default name, if you'd like.

  5. Add any necessary notes.

  6. Repeat steps 5-8 as many times as you need to add all of your POIs to your map.

  7. If you want to add a POI that's not listed, select "Custom", give the POI a name and add relevant notes. Employees will see a generic icon on the map where you've placed this custom POI. Some of our favorites custom POIs are:

    • Water fountain or dog water station (if your office is pet friendly)

    • Music or Art rooms

    • Gym

    • Prayer room

    • Zen Garden/meditation room

    • Auditorium

    • Vending machines

    • Showers

    • Trash or Recycling bins

    • Bike racks

    • Lockers

    • Office supplies

    • Cleaning supplies

  8. Be sure to click Save once you are done.

Check out our article about Points of Interest on Maps for more information on setting up your POIs.

Deleting Resources from your map

  1. Navigate to Maps > Edit Maps.

  2. Click on the resources you would like to delete.

  3. On the right side panel, click the Trash icon.

FAQ for Admins:

  • The Edit Map tab is only available to admins.

  • Resources are grayed out if you do not have that product set up.

  • You will have to set up your map for each location you have in your Envoy account.

    • Make sure to select the correct location from the location picker in the top left corner of your Envoy dashboard.

  • Some elements of the web version of the map will be read-only. Taking actions, like booking a meeting room on map, is only available on the mobile version.

  • Admins can only place Rooms on the map that are connected to the their calendar via Google or Microsoft.

  • Visitor areas can have a custom name. Deliveries names will be pulled from the delivery areas you've previously set up.

  • Can you search on the mobile map for employees that are assigned desks but not checked in?

    • All employees will show up in the search result list. If an employee has an assigned desk OR a reserved desk for the day you are searching, then tapping on the result will take you to their desk.

  • If I toggle off "Share Workplace Schedule", are employees still searchable?

    • Employees will still show up in the search results but once you click on the person, the app will show a “Not available to show on map” message. Thus not showing the location of that employee's desk.

  • Can you search your workplace map on the web dashboard?

    • No, you can only search on Envoy mobile.

  • When adding POIs to your map, you are not able to customize icons or add images but you can choose from a predefined list of POI types including custom POI, name the POI and add notes.

Using Interactive Workplace Maps

Live Map in the Web dashboard

The live map will show you the live workplace map and can be filtered by date, employee name and floor number.

Your assigned Desk will be highlighted in Red when loading the Live Map. Using the drop-down menus, you can filter between Available Desks and Rooms.

Available Desks will be shown on the Map in green and can be booked by clicking Book Desk. This will change your currently assigned desk.

Available Rooms will be shown on the Map in green, while occupied rooms will be red.

Booking a Room from the Live Map is available on the Mobile App

Live Maps on Mobile

On the mobile app, you can filter and search for resources such as Rooms, Desks, Delivery areas, Visitors areas and Points of Interest.


  • Employees can search for resources on the map.

  • See on the map which rooms are currently available (shown in green), unavailable (in red), or non-bookable (in grey).

  • Tap on an available meeting room (marked in green) to book it for an impromptu meeting.

  • Employees can filter for rooms based on availability, floor number, amenities and capacity.


  • Find and book available desks on the map.

  • Book desks by the hour.

  • See where your co-workers are sitting.

  • Check out this article to learn more about booking a desk on mobile.


  • Invite visitors from the map.

  • View visitors' sign-in status.

  • Tap on a visitors area to see more details of a visitor who has checked in.


  • See delivery areas and mailrooms on the map.

  • See delivery details.

  • Mark packages as picked up.

Points of Interest

  • Safety:

    • AEDs

    • Emergency Exits

    • Fire Extinguishers

    • First aid

  • Workplace amenities:

    • Break rooms

    • Cafes

    • Delivery areas

    • Kitchens

    • Mother's rooms

    • Printers

    • Visitor areas

  • Facilities:

    • Accessible

    • Elevators

    • Restrooms

    • Stairs

  • Custom POIs:

    • These are based on what you decide to add to the map.

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