Workplace billing

Workplace is Envoy's fully integrated solution that includes Desks, Rooms, Deliveries and more.

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Workplace Billing

Envoy Workplace is billed annually per active user. Learn more about how Envoy defines active users.

Workplace Plans

With Workplace you can choose between our Standard or Premium plans.

Note: Visitors and Connect are not included in our Workplace plans.

Workplace Standard includes:

  • Deliveries

  • Unlimited locations

  • Interactive Workplace Maps

  • Static Maps & POIs

  • Neighborhoods

  • Seating charts

  • Workplace Scheduling

  • Workplace Ticketing Integrations

  • Announcements

  • Slack, Teams, Google calendar, Outlook Integrations

  • Mobile App

  • GPS-based Mobile Sign in

  • Capacity limits

  • Scheduling limits

  • Collaborating with your team

Workplace Premium includes:

  • Desks

  • Rooms

  • Health & Safety (previously Protect)

  • Analytics

  • SSO & Directory Sync

  • Access control badge integrations

  • Wifi auto sign-in (Coming soon)

  • Import occupancy data (Coming soon)

Workplace Pricing

Standard: $3 per active user/month (billed annually)

Premium: $5 per active user/month (billed annually)

See our pricing page for more details on what is included in each Workplace Plan plan and to start your free trial.

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