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Register, set your schedule, check-in and more within the Envoy mobile app.

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What is the difference between register, schedule and sign-in?

  • Scheduling is for Employees only. This just refers to the process of scheduling what days you will be in office.

  • Reservation will take you through any questions you would need to fill out before going into the office.

  • Sign-in is the process of signing into your workplace office for the day via the Envoy app and should not be confused with signing into your Envoy user account on the app. Sign-in is for when you arrive at work on the date you have scheduled. You should sign-in or enable automatic sign-in to let your co-workers know you’re on-site for the day.

Setting your schedule

Employees can register for any day in the future by setting their schedule in the Envoy app. Adding a day to one's schedule holds a place in the workplace for that day. Employees will still need to complete and pass their health check (if enabled) before they are approved to go into the workplace.

  1. Open up the Envoy Mobile app.

  2. To access the schedule, go to the Home tab and click Schedule ahead or go to the Schedule tab and you will be taken to a calendar to pick dates.

  3. From here you can schedule one day at a time by selecting each date or you can tap the Select Multiple option (at the top right) to schedule in for multiple days at once.

  4. You can view all others scheduled for the dates you choose as long as they have the option enabled.

  5. When the date you scheduled for arrives you will see a card on the Home tab that reads Get Started to complete registration (if your workplace admins require that a health questionnaire be filled out.)

How to schedule for multiple days

Employees can now schedule multiple days at once by selecting them on the schedule and reserving a desk for all those days rather than selecting a day and tapping schedule one by one.

  1. Open the Envoy mobile app.

  2. To access the schedule, go to the Home tab and click Schedule ahead or go to the Schedule tab and you will be taken to a calendar to pick dates.

  3. Click Select multiple at the top right corner of the screen.

  4. Select all dates you would like to schedule in for.

  5. Be sure to hit Schedule to confirm your dates.

Schedule FAQ

  • If you use Envoy Desks you will be assigned a desk for every date you register in the future.

  • You can change your desk and, if the desk is available, Envoy will give you that same desk in the future.

  • If a date you wish to book in the future has reached full capacity you will not be allowed to register for that date.

  • If there is a scheduling limit, you wouldn’t be able to book past the scheduling limit.

How to unschedule

  1. To unschedule for a particular day, navigate to the Schedule tab on Envoy Mobile

  2. Tap on the date that you no longer need scheduled.

  3. Select the ellipsis in the top right corner tap Unschedule

How to Register & Sign-in

Note: Previously registration and sign- in were two separate action buttons a user had to tap. We have now combined these two tasks into a 1 click sign- in process noted below.

  1. Open the Envoy Mobile app.

  2. Follow the below steps if you have already scheduled into the office:

    1. Go to the Home tab and click Get Started for the card listed for today's date.

    2. From here you will be prompted to register and complete your health questionnaire.

    3. Click Finish.

    4. If your registration is approved the app will sign you into your workplace.

  1. If you have not yet scheduled into the office, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Home tab and click Reserve & Check in for the card listed for today's date.

    2. From here you will be prompted to register and complete your health questionnaire (if active).

    3. Click Finish.

    4. If your registration is approved the app will sign you into your workplace.

How to View Your Pass & Sign out

To view your pass, go to the Home tab and tap on the Today card to View your Pass. You can also select the ellipsis and click on View Pass.

Your pass includes information such as your name, email address, desk information (if applicable) and the time and date you checked in. You can also choose to end your reservation here.

When you are ready to leave the workplace, go to the Home tab and select the ellipsis on the View Desk card, and choose End Reservation.

The End Reservation button should only be clicked when leaving the workplace for the day to free up space for another employee to enter if need be.

Note: If an employee accidentally signs out, as long as the registration window has not closed you can always re-register for "Today" and simply sign back in.

Enabling automatic sign-ins

You have the option to sign in automatically when you arrive at work. Using geolocation technology, the Envoy app can sign you in automatically without having to open the app once you are registered for the day. This happens once you arrive within 100 meters of your workplace location. Once you're auto signed-in, you'll receive a push notification confirming your sign-in and desk for the day.

This feature is automatically enabled for employees, on version 4.25 of iOS or Android, that have previously provided Envoy with full location permissions. If you have not provided these permissions, you will need to update your device settings and toggle on the feature from the Envoy mobile settings in the app.

To turn on automatic sign-ins:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Envoy app installed and opened: iOS | Android.

  2. Navigate to the Profile tab in the Envoy app.

  3. Click the "⚙️" icon at the top right side of the app to access settings.

  4. Click "Auto check-in settings" and enable “check me in based on my location”.

  5. Set location access to “Always” (on iOS) or “Allow all the time” (on Android).

  • If your location access was already set like that, automatic sign-ins should be enabled for you already.

  • Automatic sign-ins will not work if you select “While using the app.”

  • If your device does not prompt you to enable location, you can manually apply these settings. See this article for more info.

There's an Auto check-in requirement option within the app that shows all the options required for auto check-in to work. If any of these requirements appear disabled you can tap on any of the requirements and it will lead you to either the phone setting or another part of the app to address the issue. Each of these requirements are specific to Android or iOS, or both platforms.

Try it out! The next time you arrive at work, you should be signed in automatically.

If you don’t want to sign in automatically, you can disable this feature and continue to sign in manually.

Note: Envoy respects your privacy and will never store your location. For more info, please check out our privacy policy.

Automatic sign-in + Health Checks

If your company requires a health check to go into the workplace, this will still need to be completed prior to registering for the day. If you do not complete (or fail) the health check, you will not be scheduled and will not be able to sign-in (manually or automatic).

/Check-in Status

Once an employee has been scheduled and successfully completes manual/automatic sign in or desk check-in for the day, a green dot will display next to the employees name for easy tracking of who is actually in the office.

The dot will display on the bottom right of an employee’s photo or circled initials.

Important Note:

  • Employees will not have a green dot if they sign out for the day, leave the range of their companies location or it they are within range of their company location but are NOT scheduled.

  • The dot displays employee status for today only. If an employee visits a future date that an on-site employee is scheduled, they will still see the green dot representative of today.

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