How to add desks:

Video How-to:

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Navigate to Desks on the lefthand side of the dashboard

  2. Click Import CSV

  3. Drag and drop or select the file you want to upload
    A template can be found on the Desks dashboard

    1. Floor Name, Desk and Enabled are required on each row

    2. Neighborhood, and Assigned To are optional

    3. If using the Assigned To field, note that this field can only be populated with an email address, not the employee name

  4. Click Import X desks

  5. You will be lead to a screen that lists your floor(s)


  • If a desk is set to Enabled: No but has an email in the Assigned To field the desk will only be assigned to them when they sign in.

  • If you have the "desk check-in" feature enabled, you can choose to release that assigned desk to other employees if that person does not sign in for the day. Make sure to configure that desk to say Enabled: Yes.

How to export your Desks CSV

  1. Go to Desks

  2. At the top right you will see Re-import CSV and Export CSV

  3. Click Export CSV

    1. If the file downloads without a .csv extension you can add .csv to the file and it will open in any spreadsheet tool.

  4. From there you can add more rows to the CSV or edit accordingly and re-import

How to add a floor map:

Video How-to:

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Once your desks have been added you will see a list of all the Floors you have click on Details.

  2. At the top you will see a modal to drag and drop your floor map image.
    TIP: A higher resolution image will be easier for your employees to read!✨

How to see who has been assigned what desk?

  1. Go to Visitors > Visitor log

  2. Click the menu icon at the top right of the visitor log

  3. Scroll down and check Desks


  • If an employee changes their desk, they will be asked if their desk has been cleaned. If they say no, their desk will not be changed.

  • If an employee changes their desk and meets a specific set of criteria Envoy will remember that changed desk for future days

    • The employee will get the same desk the next day so long as they

      • Are not already permanently assigned a desk via the Assigned to column within the CSV

      • Chose a desk within a neighborhood they are assigned to (E.g - They are assigned to Finance but chose a different desk in the finance neighborhood. If they chose a desk in a different neighborhood they would not be automatically assigned that desk the next day)

      • Someone else is already sitting at that desk when you go to sign in

Automatic desk assignment

  • If you don't want your employees to automatically get a desk when registering but instead want them to decide that they need a desk after they decide to come in there is an "Automatic desk assignment" toggle.

  1. Go to Desks > Settings

  2. Find "Automatic desk assignment"

    1. If the toggle is off your team will have to click "Book desk" after scheduling themselves or signing in

    2. If the toggle is on your team will automatically be assigned a desk upon scheduling or signing in

How to enable Automatic desk free-up

  1. Go to Desks > Settings

  2. Toggle on "Desk check-in"

  3. Select a time to release desks if they are not checked into

    1. We will send a notification to the employee 1 hour prior that they need to check in to their desk or they will lose the assignment

How to deactivate desks

  1. Go to Desks > Settings

    1. If you've never uploaded a Desks CSV, click the link above and it will take you directly there

  2. Click "Deactivate"

Desks FAQ

  • If the person assigned a desk signs out the desk will go back into the available pool of desks

  • Desks will be randomly assigned when someone signs in using Protect.

  • Uploading a new CSV will overwrite your current list. Be sure to include all desks on every new upload.

  • CSV re-upload will not remove existing Reservations if no changes are made to existing desk information

  • Adding Amenities or Neighborhood information will not remove existing reservations

  • If you have no desks available to be assigned the person will still be able to sign in without one.

  • We suggest setting a capacity that matches the number of desks available to use.

  • If you're getting an error Line 2: Floor name column is missing please ensure that your CSV file is saved as comma separated value (.csv) not CSV UTF-8 (comma delimited) (.csv)

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