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Reservation log and Delegated Booking
Reservation log and Delegated Booking

Learn how to use Envoy's Reservation log for delegated desk booking

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With Envoy Desks, Global, Location, and Front Desk Admins can manage their office space effectively by seeing all reservations at a glance, making new reservations for employees, or shifting around existing reservations as needed. Assistants can also make workplace reservations, but it's a slightly different process.

Note: You must have a Floor map to create reservations on behalf of your employees.

Reservation Log

With the reservation logs, admins can view the desk reservations of employees, including what time they checked in/checked out of the desk and the floor and desk they were assigned. As an admin, you can also use the reservation logs to:

  • See all reservations for a desk or by floor

  • See all reservations by an employee

  • See all reservations by an employee for a specific desk

  • Specify a timeframe for all of the above bullets

Viewing desk reservations

  1. To view desk reservations, navigate to Desks > Reservations

  2. From here, you will see a list of desk reservations.

    • You can sort by Date, Employees, Floors, and Desk

Delegated Booking:

Book desks on behalf of an employee - Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click New Reservation

  2. Select the Employee name

    • This feature will only allow you to select employees who have a confirmed Envoy Account

  3. Choose the reservation date(s)

    • If you wish to select multiple dates, be sure to toggle Select Multiple on and click on the dates in which you would like to book a desk

    • After clicking Done, you should see multiple dates listed under Reservation date. You can click the x on any date to remove it.

  4. Select the desk(s) you would like to assign to the employee for each booked day. You can choose a different desk for each day if desired.

    1. Only the desks that are eligible for the selected employee will be available to be assigned to the employee. So, if you use neighborhoods, the desks available will be the desks in the neighborhood assigned to the employee.

  5. Hit Confirm. The next screen will show your successful reservation(s).


  • If a reservation already exists for the selected employee on a given date, you won't be able to create a reservation. You'll have to delete or edit the existing reservation.

  • You can only schedule up to the company's scheduling limits. Any dates beyond your company scheduling limits will not be selectable while booking a new reservation.

Employee Experience

Upon having a reservation created on their behalf, an employee will receive a push notification via the Envoy Mobile app.

They will be able to see the reservation added to their schedule on the home and schedule tabs.

The reservation will show as having been created by an admin.

Edit existing Desk reservations

  1. Locate the employee's reservation you would like to edit/change.

  2. Click the ellipses next to their entry.

  3. Select Edit reservation.

  4. Change the date by clicking on the date selection and selecting a different day.

  5. Hit Next.

  6. Change the desk by selecting a different desk on the map selection.

  7. Select Confirm.

Delete Desk reservations

  1. Locate the employee's reservation you would like to delete.

  2. Click the ellipses next to their entry.

  3. Select Delete reservation.

  4. Confirm you would like to delete the reservation by clicking Delete.

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