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Booking a desk [Mobile]

Learn how to book your desk using Envoy Mobile

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Booking a desk is part of the workplace reservation process. Depending on your workplace settings, you might automatically receive a desk when you create a reservation. If not, you'll need to manually book one. Your desk booking is attached to your workplace reservation, so you can't book a desk without scheduling your visit as well.

We'll go over the process in this article!

Video - Booking a desk using Envoy mobile

Booking a desk

You can book a desk for single day (or multiple days!) by using the Envoy mobile app.

Booking one day at a time:

  1. Navigate to the Schedule tab.

  2. Select a date and tap Reserve.

  3. You should receive confirmation of your workplace reservation. If your admin has automatic desk assignment turned on, you should also see your desk booking.

Booking a desk for multiple days at a time:

  1. Navigate to the Schedule tab.

  2. To schedule more than one day at a time, Select Multiple.

  3. Select the various dates you want to book on the calendar.

  4. Click Reserve at the bottom to book more than one day at a time.

  5. Usually the same desk is chosen for each day you have scheduled to come into the office. You can tap each day to see where you've been assigned.

Booking by the hour:

You can book by the hour if you only need a desk for part of the day.

  1. Tap Schedule, then select a date.

  2. Toggle off All Day.

  3. Tap All Day next to Reservation time and select a start and end time.

  4. Tap Schedule, and your desk will be reserved for the hours you selected.


  1. To unschedule for a particular day, navigate to the Schedule tab on Envoy Mobile

  2. Tap on the date that you no longer need scheduled.

  3. Tap Cancel reservation.

If you need to release your desk on the day-of:

  1. Navigate to Home.

  2. Tap on the ellipses (...) located on your reservation card.

  3. Select Release desk to cancel your desk reservation, but stay signed in.

    1. If you need to end your reservation, select End reservation. Since your desk booking is connected to your reservation, your desk will be released upon ending the reservation.

Viewing your desk

  1. You can view your desk by going to the Map tab and you will see an icon labeled Your desk. When clicked on more details such as the desk name and time scheduled is shown.

  2. In addition, if you have already registered and signed in for the day you can see your desk by going to the Home tab and selecting View Desk. This will lead you to the desk map.

Change Your Desk

  1. Select View Desk under the Home tab or you can go directly to the Map tab.

  2. You will be directed to your workplace map with your desk highlighted in a red icon labeled Your desk.

  3. Click Edit Desk.

  4. To search for available desks (they will be highlighted in green) use the ribbon at the top to:

    1. Change floors.

    2. Filter by desk amenities.

    3. Filter by neighborhood.

  5. When you have decided on your new desk click on it and a pop up will appear. Select Confirm and your desk selection will be updated.

Freeing up your desk

  1. To release your desk go to the Home tab and click View Desk > Free Up or you can select the ellipsis on the View Desk card and choose Release Desk.

    1. End Reservation will end your workplace reservation and sign you out, not just free up your desk.

  2. In addition, you can go to the Map tab and select your desk and choose Free Up.

  3. Your desk will then be available for others to book as needed.

Checking into your desk

If your company has Automatic desk free-up turned on and set to a specific time, you will have to check into your desk before that time or book a new desk after.

Checking into your desk via Envoy mobile

Checking into your desk is linked to workplace reservations. You must have a workplace reservation to make a desk booking.

You can check into your desk reservation via the home page of Envoy mobile.

To automate this process, you can set up location-based automatic check-in. Learn more here.

Checking into your desk via Slack or Microsoft Teams

  • One hour before your check-in time Envoy's bot on Slack or Microsoft Teams will message you a reminder to check into your desk if you haven't already.

  • From that message, you can click Check-in.

Important note:

  • The Desk Check-in (Space Saver) feature must be enabled by an admin in order for you to receive notifications via Slack or Microsoft about desk check-in. Please reach out to your internal team with questions regarding this.

Sitting near co-workers

  1. Under the Map tab, you can scroll around on the map to see where your coworkers are sitting.

  2. Tap an employee’s name and choose to Sit nearby or tap the Star to favorite that coworker.

  3. Under the Directory tab you can see a list of your coworkers or create workplace groups.

Coordinate your schedule with co-workers

  1. Tap on Schedule then pick a date from the list or calendar to see who else is planning to work on-site that same day.

  2. Invite a teammate to join you on days you plan to work on-site to collaborate.

Create groups and view employees schedules

  1. Under the Directory, tap New Group and add coworkers to quickly know if your team is coming into the workplace and where you can sit together.

  2. Tap an employee's name to see more details, including their schedule.

Enabling automatic sign-ins

You also have the option to check in automatically when you arrive at work. Using geolocation technology, once you arrive within 100 meters of your workplace location, you will be automatically signed in to the office AND checked in to your desk.

To turn on automatic sign-ins:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Envoy app installed and opened: iOS | Android.

    • This feature will not be available on app versions earlier than 4.25.0

  2. Enable “Sign me in based on my location” within the settings of the Envoy app.

    • Click on Profile (bottom right) > Click the gear icon (top right) > under Employee Settings you should see the “Sign me in based on my location” option > Toggle this on

    • If this option is not visible, it is most likely because the app is not updated to the latest version. See step 1.

  3. Set location access to “Always” (on iOS) or “Allow all the time” (on Android).

    • If your location access was already set like that, automatic sign-ins should be enabled for you already.

    • Automatic sign-ins will not work if you select “While using the app.”

    • If your device does not prompt you to enable location, you can manually apply these settings.

Try it out! The next time you arrive at work, you should be signed in automatically.

If you don’t want to sign in automatically, you can disable this feature and continue to sign in manually.

Note: Envoy respects your privacy and will never store your location. For more info, please check out our privacy policy.

Automatic sign-ins + Health Checks

If your company requires a health check to go into the workplace, this will still need to be completed prior to registering for the day. If you do not complete (or fail) the health check, you will not be scheduled and will not be able to sign-in (manually or automatic).

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