Benefits of Desks analytics

The Desks analytics dashboard can help you make smarter, more data-driven decisions about your workplace.

  • Know what desks were used so you can ensure they are sanitized before booked again

  • See patterns in desk usage to help inform workplace design decisions

  • Understand who on your team is working in the office and if they would benefit from a more permanent desk

  • Arm your team and higher-ups with insights that can help them make better decisions about real estate and facilities planning

How to utilize Desks analytics

  1. Go to Desks > Analytics

  2. Here you can choose the time frame you wish to look at: Today, Past 7 days, Past 30 days, Past 60 days, Past 90 days, All time

  • Total reservations: How many total desks have been booked in the time frame selected

  • Changed reservations: How many employees have switched their desk upon sign-in (not available yet)

  • Avg daily reservations: How many average desks are reserved per day for the time frame selected

  • Active desks: This is the count of active desks uploaded to the location for the time frame selected

Different tables and how to read them

Tip: Hover over a bar on any graph to view more precise data.

Desk utilization

  • The desk utilization table is a visual representation of how many desks were used against the limit of desks available.
    • Reservations is desks booked that day
    • Assignable is the amount of "assignable desks" uploaded to that location. Learn more about uploading desks here.

Employee usage

  • Employee usage will show you the employee name, last desk, and how many days per week on average they have booked a desk.

Desk usage by floor

  • Desk usage by floor will show you a visual representation of how many desks are used per floor.

Desk usage by neighborhood

  • Desk usage by neighborhood gives you a deeper breakdown of where your employees are sitting based on the area of the office.

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