Desk Amenities

Learn how to create a desk amenity and apply them to your current workplace desks

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Amenities Overview

Different employees need different desk amenities to do their best work. Some need a dual monitor, some need a standing desk, and some need a quiet spot by the window.

With desk amenities, employees can easily filter, find, and book a desk with the tools and setup they need to be productive, comfortable, and happy in the workplace.

Assign amenities to desks so employees can filter for their perfect desk in just a few taps on the Envoy app. For more ideas of what amenities to assign besides a dual monitor or standing desk, check out this blog post.

Creating Desk Amenities:

  1. Navigate to Desks > All desks

  2. Select Add amenity

  3. Create a name for your amenity and save

Applying Amenities to Desks:

  1. Navigate to Maps > Live Map then click Edit Map.

  2. Select a desk.

  3. Select an amenity from the dropdown list. You can apply multiple amenities to the same desk, if desired.

  4. Click Save to apply all changes made.

Using a .CSV file for Desk Amenities:

You can also edit or create a new desk amenity by utilizing a CSV This option will also allow you to make changes in bulk rather than individually assigning desk amenities through the Maps > Live Map > Edit Map.

  1. Navigate to Desks > All desks

  2. Click Export CSV

  3. A .csv file should be downloaded

    Note: If the file downloads without a .csv extension you can add .csv to the file and it will open in any spreadsheet tool

  4. Within the exported file, there will be a column for Amenities that will be the field to edit for each Desk or to create a new Amenity (Amenities should be comma separated for example: standing desk, dual monitor)

Once you've made the necessary edits to the .csv file, save your changes.

  1. Navigate back to Desks > All desks

  2. Click Re-import CSV

  3. Drag and drop or select the file you want to upload

  4. Click Import X (At this step, you will also see a preview that will show amenities and you can confirm if you have entered any information correctly before importing)

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