Viewing your desk

  1. Register to go into the workplace

  2. Sign in

  3. There are two separate ways to view your desk assignment

    1. Right after you sign in you'll be viewing your pass. Here it says your desk and shows the floor map.

      1. If the image is a high enough resolution you will be able to zoom in and look at closer details.

    2. If you close the pass you can always re-open it to view the floor map but you will also see on the registration card itself the desk assignment.

Upon sign in

After closing your pass

  1. Once signed in you can click "View pass"

  2. You will see your assigned desk, if you want to view the map click "View"

  3. You can zoom in to find your specific desk.

Changing your desk

  1. Click the "Change desk" button when viewing the map

  2. Select a desk on your current floor, or change the floor you're viewing from the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner, and select a desk on that floor

  3. Click "Confirm desk selection" once you have chosen the desired desk

Releasing your desk

  1. Under the "Your desk today" section

  2. Click "View desk"

  3. At the bottom you will see "Free up"

Signing into your desk

If your company has Automatic desk free up turned on and set to a specific time you will have to check into your desk prior to that time or you will have to book a new desk after.

Checking into your desk via Envoy mobile

Once you've signed in for the day at your office you will still need to check into your Desk.

  • There are two separate ways to check in to your desk on Envoy Mobile

  1. When you sign in you are met with the "pass" page, there's a spot to check in to your desk at the bottom

  2. If you exit the "pass" page you can scroll down past "your schedule" you will be able to check in there

Checking into your desk via Slack or Microsoft Teams

  • One hour before your check-in time Envoy's bot on Slack or Microsoft Teams will DM you a reminder to check into your desk if you haven't already.

  • From that DM you can click "Check-in"

Important note:

✨ This time is set by your admin, reach out to your internal team with questions regarding this.

Rebooking your desk

If you've freed up your desk but want to rebook for any reason you can do some from two separate pages in the mobile app.

  1. Under Your schedule where you see "Your desk today" you can click "Book desk"

    1. Be sure to click "Check in" this will ensure that your desk remains assigned to you.

  2. You can click "View more" next to "Your schedule" click on today's date and then click on "Book desk"

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