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Connecting your calendar

This article will go through how to connect your calendar and begin using Rooms.

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Why does Envoy need to connect with your team's calendars?

Envoy Rooms is an application that works on top of your existing calendar provider. Currently, Envoy integrates with Google’s G Suite Calendar or with Microsoft Office 365.  

Once you have Envoy Rooms set up, it will add an additional option that your team can use to create and manage meetings. Employees can book rooms using Google/Microsoft, directly at the Room using the tablet or using the Envoy mobile app.

Our calendar integration pulls in real-time event data, so bookings and schedule changes are always up to date. 

How calendar authentication works

To connect Envoy with your team’s calendar provider, you’ll need to authenticate using an Admin or Service Account email that has both read and write permissions.

Envoy will need access to 2 things: Calendar Resources (aka Rooms) and Events

TIP: We suggest using a Service Account who has admin permissions for all the rooms you wish to add to Envoy. Please grant Envoy the most minimal permissions possible while still allowing us to connect.

Preparing to connect your calendar

In order to use Envoy Rooms, you’ll need to have a calendar configured for each of your rooms within your calendar provider. If you’ve already done this, you can skip ahead to reviewing the options for authenticating, or directly to the steps for connecting your calendars.

Creating and renaming Room Resources

Google's GSuite

NOTE: If you don't book your Room's by clicking Add rooms or locations, the Rooms will not appear in Envoy. Please see the above article for setting up Room Resources properly.

Office 365

Options for Authenticating

To give Envoy access, you will need to authenticate into your company calendar, using an account that has admin (read and write) permissions. 

For Google, we recommend that you follow the principle of least privilege. This means it is best to connect using an email that has the minimum amount of permissions needed. 

Google's GSuite

There's three separate ways that you can give access to Envoy. Please check out our Preparing your Google Calendar help doc.

Office 365

We require a global admin to authenticate and allow read and write permissions to your calendar. Once this is done, Envoy will be an Enterprise Application within Azure. 

Granting access to your team's calendar

  1. Click on Rooms in the left hand panel of the dashboard.

  2. Click on whichever calendar type pertains to your company, either Outlook or Google calendar.

  1. For Outlook you'll log into your super admin account. For Google you will log into your service account through the modal that pops up and grant access to read and write.

  2. Once you accept, a list of Rooms will appear. You will select all the rooms that should be paired to that location.

  3. Once complete, if you have rooms you'll be connecting with Envoy Rooms at other office locations, you'll need to assign the rooms to the other locations. Click on the location drop-down menu at the top left and change the location. Then select the rooms that will be paired to that location.

Removing access to your team's calendar

In case you authenticated with an email you didn't mean to use, or you simply want to re-pair your calendars, you can do this from the dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Rooms > Settings

  2. Under Connect your company calendar account you will see the linked account

  3. Click on the 3 dots to the right and click Remove calendar.

Note: Removing the calendar will unpair the iPads connected to the room.

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