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About Envoy Rooms

Learn about meeting room management challenges and how Envoy Rooms can help

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How Rooms works

Since meetings are such an essential part of the employee workday, it's increasingly important to provide tools that make it easier to meet. On-the-go employees need to be able to quickly find and secure meeting rooms for ad hoc or reserved meetings. Envoy Rooms makes it easy for employees to find, secure, and release meeting rooms with the tap of a button.

Rooms key features

Rooms helps streamline the room booking experience with robust features to make your team more efficient and maximize the space in your office.

Check in and End meeting 

With "Check in" and "End meeting" you have the ability to secure your room or free up meeting rooms that aren't actually in use.

Schedule display and color-coded availability

Envoy Rooms will display a dynamic list of the meetings booked as well as color coded availability. Read more about our display system here

Device issue notifications

Your global or location admin will automatically receive notifications for device issues from Rooms iPads. These notifications may include the iPad being offline, the Rooms iPad application needing to be updated, or the room's permissions changing. You can change the recipient of these emails at any time. Read more about Device issue notifications here.

Analytics dashboard

In the Analytics section of the Rooms dashboard, admins can review data about how your team uses meeting rooms. You can get a quick read on how many meetings were held, canceled, or ended early with our rooms analytics dashboard. Read more about our Rooms Analytics dashboard here.

Privacy and booking controls

Envoy Rooms offers the ability to hold "private meetings" or turn off booking for a specific room. If there's a room in your workplace specifically for interviews, sensitive meetings, or executive meetings, you can control room permissions. For these rooms, not all employees would have booking permissions. Read more about our privacy and booking controls here.

Location-based booking with Envoy Mobile

With Envoy's mobile app, employees can browse and book the nearest available room right from their phones. Envoy mobile leverages BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to communicate with Rooms iPads and detect which is closest to the employee.

How to get started

  1. To get started with Envoy Rooms, contact us or sign up for your 60-day free trial.

  2. Complete the guided Envoy account setup steps.

  3. Download the Envoy Rooms iPad app from the App Store. If you don’t have an iPad, you can buy one in the Envoy store.

  4. Pair your iPad to your rooms calendars.

  5. Start using Rooms to manage your meeting rooms.

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