Managing your Rooms

This article will go into detail on how to manage your devices and rooms.

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Adding or changing a room's photo

  1. Click on Rooms in the left hand panel of the dashboard.

  2. Click on My Rooms.

  3. Click on "add image".

  4. To change the photo click on the photo already uploaded and a pop-up will appear to add a different photo.

For the best quality photo possible use a horizontal image of about 1000x800 px.

What does adding a photo look like on the Rooms display?

The uploaded photo will appear in the background of your Rooms iPad display.

Hiding a room

  1. Click on Rooms in the lefthand panel of the dashboard.

  2. Click to Settings.

  3. Where it says "Calendar account" click on Manage Calendars.

  4. Scroll to the room you want to hide and click "Hide calendar".

  5. You can also hide rooms en masse by checking the boxes next to the room name and hitting "Hide Calendars" at the top.

Turning on Private meetings

Some meetings need to remain confidential and you don't want the meeting name to display on the outside of the room, you can turn on Private meetings on a per room basis (for an executive meeting room, for example) or simply offer the option for employees to make specific meetings private.

  1. Click on Rooms in the lefthand panel of the dashboard. 

  2. Click on Rooms list. 

  3. Find the room you want to keep as a Private meeting room and click "Manage"

  4. Scroll down to the bottom and toggle "Mask meeting names" to the on position.

Note: The iPad will display "Private meeting" prior to the time of the event and "Meeting in progress" during the meeting.

Scheduling and Check in

Check in is automatically turned on as a default setting. This requires employees to check into any room that has an iPad connected to it. By default, Rooms will allow check in 5 minutes before and up to 5 minutes after a meeting starts. If a meeting is not checked into, the room will be automatically released.
To disable Check in for any reason:

  1. Click on Rooms in the left hand panel of the dashboard. 

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom where it says Scheduling and toggle Check in to off.

There are two ways to check in. 

  1. On the Rooms iPad, tap the yellow Check in button.

  2. If you have enabled the Slack or Microsoft Teams integration within Envoy, meeting owners will receive a check in notification from Envoy and can click "Check in" from within Slack or Teams to secure their meeting room. 

iPad status notifications

In the event that an iPad goes offline we will, by default send an email to the Global admin(s) to let them know which Room went offline.

You can turn this function off complete, on for location admins, or any other email your company would like to utilize. We have found that companies like to set this to go to their IT team or internal ticketing service email, that way the people who can help get the iPad back online are notified without someone else needing to do so. 

How to change the iPad status notifications

  1. Go to Rooms on the lefthand panel of the dashboard.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Scroll down to find Reliability.

  4. Hit Edit on "iPad status".

5. From here, you can toggle on or off Global admins & location admins or add in an entirely new email address in the additional email addresses field.

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