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About Rooms Analytics

Use the Rooms analytics dashboard to learn more about how your rooms are utilized.

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Benefits of using the Rooms analytics dashboard

Learn how your workplace is being used and how your space is being managed with insights and analytics. Become more empowered, better utilize your space and make cost-saving decisions backed by data on room scheduling, cancellation, and overall usage and more.

Rooms analytics will allow you to see the following data:

  • Room bookings by day (Calendar, Tablet, & Mobile)

  • Reclaimed room time from Envoy's Space Saver features

  • Utilization by room capacity

  • Average room utilization over time

  • Usage

  • Room Data (Average weekly meetings & Attendance Rate)

How the Rooms analytics dashboard works

The dashboard will show you data on how your space is being utilized. Envoy Rooms is reporting on all scheduled meetings whether they occurred or were canceled, as well as meetings booked ad hoc (using our Book now feature).

  1. Navigate to Analytics > Rooms in your Envoy dashboard.

  2. You can choose to change the time frame you want to view analytics for (click on the date range you see on the top right and use the calendar that appears) or choose from any of our pre-set options:
    • Today
    • Past 7 days
    • Past 30 days
    • Past 60 days
    • Past 90 days
    • Current month
    • Current year
    • All time

Room bookings by day (Calendar, Tablet, Mobile)

This will show the number of hours a room is booked based on the day and source.

Room hours + Space Saver

This will show the number of hours per week that an Envoy Space Saver feature was utilized.

Most used amenities

This will show the popularity of the amenities by the number of utilization.

Most used room capacities

Seeing how room capacities are used can give useful insights into what extent departments are leveraging their meeting rooms.

Room utilization over time

Hours a room is used over time based on if the meeting was scheduled in advance or an instant booking.


This shows how many meetings occurred in each room during each specific day and time during the selected time period.

Room data

This shows data per room of how many meetings were attended in each room as well as a percentage of skipped meetings.

Exporting Rooms data

If you would like to export your data to do additional analysis or share it with your team, you can definitely do that.

1. Export all data as a .csv. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and select “Download as CSVs.” This is a great option if you want to bring all of your data into one sheet and compare multiple metrics.

2. Export all data as a PDF Right-click anywhere on the page > Print > Save as PDF.

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