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With the rise of online shopping, more and more people are receiving deliveries on a regular basis. Couple that with the fact that deliveries require a secure drop-off location, and many employees prefer having packages delivered to their offices instead of their homes.

And it’s not just small boxes from Amazon, either. It’s not uncommon for office managers and receptionists to deal with everything from standard parcels and envelopes, to food and flowers, to huge deliveries like tires and furniture!

How Deliveries works

Deliveries is a digital solution that helps you manage packages and deliveries that arrive at your office.

  • You use your phone to snap a photo of each delivery’s shipping label. Envoy uses optical character recognition to “read” the recipient’s name and match it with an employee in your directory.

  • Then, that person gets automatically notified to pick up their delivery. When they come to the designated delivery area, they’ll collect their package. They can mark it as ‘picked up’ in one of two ways: either on an (optional) iPad kiosk or directly from their notification.

  • If the delivery doesn’t get picked up in a timely manner, Envoy Deliveries can send automatic reminders on the schedule of your choice.

Benefits of using Deliveries

  • Save the time you spend transcribing names, notifying recipients and organizing mountains of packages.

  • You need less room for storage when deliveries are collected quickly. Reclaim your extra office space!

  • At-a-glance analytics and a real-time inventory updates provide key insights into your office operations.

  • Employees love knowing exactly when their deliveries arrive and where to pick them up.

  • Deliveries is flexible enough to use anywhere—no matter if you receive deliveries at your front desk or in a formal package room.

  • Tell your employees where you put their packages or what it is with our Delivery Notes feature.

Deliveries key features

Recording deliveries

The first step is recording a new delivery. With Envoy Deliveries, you don’t need a barcode scanner or special equipment. All you need is your phone.

To record a delivery, just open the Envoy mobile app (available on iOS and Android) and snap a photo of the shipping label. The rest happens automatically. The name on the label is processed and the delivery is added to your delivery log.


Envoy Deliveries Notifications will alert your team members when their deliveries are recorded. These instant, automatic notifications mean you’ll never have to manually call or message someone to pick up their deliveries. Currently, notifications can be sent via email, Slack, Push notifications, and Microsoft Teams —and more notification methods are coming soon!

When deliveries are not picked up, you can send reminder notifications on your preferred schedule. Administrators can enable or disable the snooze feature, which allows recipients to pause their notifications for one week—particularly handy when they’re out of office.

Delivery pick-up

Recipients must mark their deliveries as ‘picked up’ when they come to collect them. Otherwise, Envoy Deliveries will not know they’ve been collected. Until a delivery is marked as ‘picked up,’ the recipient will continue to receive reminder notifications.


Having analytics around deliveries can help you make smart business decisions. Key insights like the number of deliveries logged and number picked up can help you allocate space and understand just how much time and effort go into managing your team’s deliveries.

How to get started with Deliveries

Adding Deliveries to your Envoy account impacts billing, so only Global Admins can start an Envoy Deliveries trial.

Tip: If you're not a Global admin, we'd still love you to sign up! When you do, your global admin(s) will be notified that you're interested in Deliveries.

  1. Enter your work email address at the top of the page and click “Sign up.”

  2. Complete the guided account setup steps.

  3. Download the Envoy mobile app, which is available for download on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

  4. Grab a package or a piece of mail.

  5. Open the Envoy mobile app, and tap “Add delivery” to log your first delivery.

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