Create a registration flow

Company wide

  1. Click on Protect on the left side of the screen

  2. On Employee registration, click Configure

  3. Click Add registration flow

  4. Name your registration flow, then click Save and continue

  5. Scroll down to Questions

  6. Click "Add field" on the top toolbar to add a question

  7. Choose Add dropdown

    1. This is similar to the process of adding Visitor sign-in fields

  8. Once you've added questions, you can choose to make questions required or not

    1. If you plan to use the answer to a question to determine if someone should enter your workplace, be sure to make it required.

  9. Click "Save fields"

Per location

  1. Follow the steps above for "Company wide" set up

  2. Continue to add new flows as needed

  3. Assign those flows to your locations

    1. Verify that the flow being displayed is the flow you want to assign to locations

    2. Click on no locations and select the location(s)

      1. If you do have a flow assigned to that location you can click on this location or X locations to remove, add, or switch locations this flow is assigned to.

  4. Click Save

Screen employees by adding rules

There are two types of rules that you can create for your employee screening questions that will automatically be applied based on the employee's answers to your questions when registering. You have the ability to deny an employee entry to your workplace based on their answers, as well as, the ability to alert specific users when an employee responds to your questions in a certain way. Before you can add rules to your questionnaire, make sure that you have already clicked “Save fields” after entering your questions.

⚠️ NOTE: Rules can only be applied to dropdown menu sign-in fields.

  1. Click “Rules” located next to the “Add field” dropdown

  2. Click the “Add rule” button at the bottom of the prompt screen

  3. In the Triggers section, from the first dropdown, select the sign-in field you wish to apply a rule to

  4. From the second dropdown, select the answer that will trigger the action you wish to apply

  5. (Optional) Select “Add another condition” to your rule to apply the selected action based on two or more answers

  6. From the dropdown under "Define actions," select either 'Deny entry' or 'Notify,' or you can select both options at once

  7. (Note) If you select 'Notify' as the action, you will then need to select the users you wish to notify

  8. Click “Save rule”

Customize the registration experience

Health check window

The employee Health check window allows you to determine when your employees will be able to register to come into the workplace. You can either have your employees register the day before they plan to come to the workplace, the day of their planned visit, or give them the option to register both the day before and the day of.

🚩 TIP: Read more about the nuances of how the Health check window works here.

  1. Click 'Edit' next to Health check window

  2. Select when you would like the Health check window to open: day before, or day of

  3. Select the time you would like the Health check window to open

  4. Select when you would like the Health check window to close: day before, or day of

  5. Select the time you would like the Health check window to close

⚠️ NOTE: If your daily Health check window begins on the 'day of', you cannot select 'day before' for when the window closes

Scheduling limits

Your employees are by default able to schedule themselves for any date in the future but with Scheduling limits, you can set how far out your team can schedule themselves to come into the office.

  1. Select your desired limit of how far in advance the employee can reserve a spot.

    1. As far as possible

    2. Today only

    3. Today & Tomorrow

    4. Anywhere from 1 week to 12 weeks in advance

  2. Click Save

To see how this will look to an Employee click here.

Registration Instructions

When your employees go to register to come into the workplace you can customize the instructions they see before filling out the questions. We populate a small blurb automatically (pictured on the left) but you can customize it to your company's preferences.

We offer the ability to completely customize the text as well as Bold, Italicize, insert links, add bullet points, and numbered lists.

  1. Click Edit on the flow you want to change the Registration instructions for

    1. If you want to edit a different flow than the one selected click "Add or change registration flow", then click Edit

  2. Scroll down to Instructions

    1. You can bold and italicize text either with the common keystrokes or using the buttons at the top of the text modal.

    2. To insert a link, type the text you want to be a link, click the link icon and paste the URL. You will need to hit enter to insert the link.

    3. You can insert bullet points or numbered lists by clicking on the corresponding icon.

  3. When you're done editing, click Save

Denial message

  1. Navigate to your Protect settings page here in the dashboard.

  2. Find "Employee registration" click Edit

  3. Click Edit on the flow name

  4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and you will see "Custom denial message"

  5. Enter the text you'd like to show when employees are denied and hit save.

Delete a registration flow

  1. Select "Edit" on Employee registration

  2. Select "Edit" on the flow name you wish to delete

  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click "Delete registration flow"

Allow employees to share workplace schedules and invite co-workers

  1. Toggle "Employee schedule visibility" to on

Note: Turning this setting on will let colleagues see when they will be at the workplace. Each employee has the ability to turn off this setting for themselves within their Envoy Mobile app.

Allow employees to register via web-based link instead of the app

  • Please contact support to enable this feature for your company

  • In order to see this option on the dashboard, the location you are editing must have Protect enabled.

  1. Click on Protect on the left side of the screen

  2. Scroll down to Send Registration Manually click Edit

  3. Click Generate link

Note: If your registration link is compromised you can always follow the steps above and click regenerate link. The old link will become unusable.

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