Reservation, Scheduling, and Check-in [Web]

Don't have the Envoy app? No problem. Learn how to reserve and check-in via the web.

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As an employee, you have options when it comes to how you schedule your visit to the workplace. You can reserve via the web dashboard (shown below) or on Envoy mobile.

What is the difference between reservation, scheduling, and checking in?

  • Scheduling is for Employees only. This refers to scheduling the days you have reserved space in the office.

  • Reservation is the action required to reserve a place in the workplace. You must make a reservation to appear on your workplace calendar. If your workplace uses Desks, your reservation will be attached to your desk booking. Learn more about booking a desk.

  • Check-in is the process of signing into your workplace for the day via the Envoy dashboard, and it should not be confused with signing into your Envoy user account on the app. Check in is for when you arrive at work on the scheduled date. You should check in/sign in or enable automatic sign-in to let your co-workers know you’re onsite for the day.

How to Reserve and Check-in via the web dashboard

To reserve and check in:

  1. Click Schedule next to the day(s) you plan to be onsite.

    1. If your company has a registration flow, click Register and fill out your company's health check.

  2. When you arrive at your workplace, make sure to click Sign-in so your attendance is recorded and your coworkers know you are on-site for the day.

  3. Complete these steps each day you need to schedule.

How to Sign out via the web dashboard

To sign-out:

  1. Click Sign out next to today's date to end your reservation and sign out of the workplace.

  2. If you only need to free up your desk for someone else to book, click Check out instead. This will keep signed in to the workplace, but not assigned a desk. You will not appear on the workplace map without a desk.

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