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Creating reservations as an assistant [Web]

Create a workplace reservation for others by using the Employee log.

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As a designated assistant, you'll be able to create workplace reservations on behalf of any employee at the company. To do so, your admin will have to enable assistant-managed reservations.

How to create a reservation

You can only create reservations by using the Envoy web dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Workplace > Employee log.

  2. Click on New reservation to start.

  3. Type in the employee's name you wish to create a reservation for.

    1. This feature will only allow you to select employees with a confirmed Envoy Account.

  4. Choose the reservation date(s)

    • If you wish to select multiple dates, be sure to toggle Select Multiple on and click on the dates in which you would like to reserve.

    • After clicking Done, you should see multiple dates listed under Reservation date. You can click the x on any date to remove it.

  5. Once you have your date(s) selected, click Confirm.

  6. You should then receive a confirmation of the booking!


  • If a reservation already exists for the selected employee on a given date, you won't be able to create a reservation. You'll have to delete or edit the existing reservation.

  • You can only schedule up to the company's scheduling limits. Any dates beyond your company scheduling limits will not be selectable while booking a new reservation.

  • Assistants cannot assign desks.

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