How to invite a co-worker

  1. Open Envoy Mobile

  2. Click "View more" on the "Your schedule" section

  3. Tap on the date you want to invite someone for

  4. Click "Invite"

  5. Find the co-worker you want to invite and click on their name

    1. Repeat if you're wanting to invite multiple people

  6. Click "Send invite"

  7. Click "Done"

How to accept or decline an invite

Via Envoy Mobile

  1. After you get an invite you will have a card within the Mobile app next to the cards for Registering to go into the workplace.

  2. You can accept or decline based by tapping the corresponding button

  3. When that date arrives you will register as normal

Via Email

  1. If you don't want to use the Mobile app, you can accept or decline via email

  2. Click "Accept" or "Deny" within the body of the invite email

  3. When that date arrives you can register as normal

Important notes

  • If you don't see "Invite" on your app reach out to your admin team to let them know to turn on Employee visibility.

  • There is no confirmation to the inviter when the invitee accepts or declines

  • You can invite others without being registered yourself.

  • Emailed invitations are sent out in the language the location is located in. For example, if your location is located in France all employee invitations will be sent out in French.

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