Using the Envoy app [Mobile]

Sign-in to your Envoy account, add a photo to your employee profile & familiarize yourself with the mobile app.

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Download the Envoy Mobile app

If this is your first time using Envoy, start by downloading the Envoy app.

Scan one of these QR codes:

to your company's account

Sign into Envoy using your work email.

Important Notes: If your company is using Envoy already and you come across the sign-up screen, DO NOT sign up for an account. Please reach out to your company's admin who can add you to the employee directory within Envoy. Then the next time you access the Envoy app, you will be able to sign-in using the email added to the directory. If you accidentally created an account before being added to the directory by your admin, please reach out to the support team via chat in your dashboard or send an email to [email protected] and we'd be happy to make sure you are able to sign in to the correct account!

What to do if you come across the Sign-up screen while trying to login to Envoy using your company email address.

TLDR: You're not part of the Envoy employee directory (yet).

If your company is using Envoy and you come across the sign-up screen, DO NOT sign up for an account. This will create a second account that is not attached to your employer's Envoy account. Reach out to an admin at your company instead who can get you added into the employee directory and the next time you access the Envoy app, you will be able to sign-in using your work email.

Single Sign-On

If your company uses SSO (Single Sign-On) you may come across this screen in order to sign in. Click continue and sign-in using your work email.

Scanning a QR Code to sign-in

You may see this screen after typing in your company email:

  1. Please complete login by tapping Scan QR code.

    1. The QR code will be sent to your work email and can be scanned using your phone but make sure to pull up the QR code on another device (laptop, iPad, etc) to scan.

  2. If you do not see the code, tap Re-send email.

  3. You should see the following email:

  4. Click Confirm my email.

  5. Scan the QR code shown

Multiple Company Locations

Your company may have multiple locations depending on how many offices the company has. Be sure that you have chosen the correct location when you sign-in. Next time you login the same location will be selected by default.

Uploading your profile photo (Mobile)

Upload your photo to Envoy via Mobile and see it across the Envoy platform under your profile, employee directory, groups, booked desks and more.

As an employee signing into an Envoy account for the first time or an existing employee, you will see the option to add a profile photo. Employees will have the ability to take a photo using their device camera or select a photo from their photo library.

If you choose to skip this process and want to add the photo later on:

  1. On the homepage of the mobile app in the upper right hand corner, there is a profile icon that you can select to add your photo.

Removing your profile photo (Mobile)

  1. Navigate to the your profile within the mobile app

  2. There will be an option for "Edit Information"

  3. Tap the Photo field

  4. Here you will have the option to remove your photo

Mobile Settings

Get familiar with your app settings found in your profile.

  • Enable Passport - Enables the ability to use the passport (Sign-in on iPad feature).

  • Invite Notifications - If you are invited to visit a company.

  • Passport at my company - This must be on for you to use your own companies Passport feature.

  • Host notifications - Choose if you want push notifications or other notification settings your company has enabled.

  • Allow others to see my schedule/desk - Enable if you want your co-workers to see your schedule and what desk you have assigned.

  • Auto check-in settings - Learn more about Automatic Sign-in.

  • Notify me when auto signed in/out - Enable to be notified when you are automatically signed in or out.

  • Get Help - Access our help center articles for troubleshooting and start support chat

  • Privacy Policy - Learn more about Envoy's privacy policy.

Mobile FAQ

  • To make a bug report on iPhone take a screenshot.

  • To make a bug report on android shake your phone.

  • Switch locations by tapping the name of the company in the top left corner top of the app.

  • Switch the account signed in or add new account by tapping the Profile tab then tap the drop arrow next to the name at the top of the app. Tap another name or add a new account.

Location Settings on Mobile

In order for automatic sign-in to work, your device must have location services turned on. If your device is not getting the prompt to change these settings, this article will show you how to enable general location settings on your devices as well as the location settings for Envoy.

iOS Devices:

Enable location services on your iOS device

  1. Navigate to your phones settings and search for Location Services (typically under Privacy)

  2. Toggle Location Services on (if it is not already enabled)

Enable location access for Envoy:

  1. Navigate to the Settings

  2. Search and select Envoy

  3. Set Location to 'Always'

Android Devices

To turn on location access on an Android device:

  1. Tap on your device's Settings app.

  2. Tap Location.

  3. Tap Google Location Reporting.

  4. Tap Location Reporting.

  5. Toggle the switch to On.

To enable location access for Envoy:

  1. On your phone's home screen, find the app icon

  2. Touch and hold the app icon.

  3. Tap App info .

  4. Tap Permissions.

  5. Tap Location.

  6. Select 'Allow all the time'

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