Workplace Groups

Learn how to create and edit workplace groups on the mobile app

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Feature Spotlight

Employees can now create and view groups from the mobile apps as well as filter who is on-site by those groups.

Creating Groups

Groups can be created within the mobile app under the Directory or Schedule tabs. See below for instructions on creating a group within each of these areas.

From the Directory tab

  1. Tap on Directory at the bottom of app.

  2. Tap New Group.

  3. Name your Group.

  4. Tap Next.

  5. Select the employees you want in your group. Use the search option if you do not see the name.

  6. Now your Group will be shown at the top of your Directory.

From the Schedule tab

  1. Click on Schedule at the bottom of the app.

  2. Select a date from the calendar.

  3. Select Scheduled or Invite.

  4. Here you will see the groups that you have been added to as well as an option to create a new group.

  5. Tap New Group+ (swipe left on the groups if you do not see the 'New group +' option).

  6. Name your group.

  7. Tap Next.

  8. Select the employees you want in your group (Use the search option if you do not see their name).

  9. Now your Group will be shown at the top.


Viewing Groups

Employees can view groups they have created or have been added to from the Directory

Editing Groups

  1. Navigate to the Directory tab.

  2. Tap on the Group you want to edit

  3. Click the vertical ellipsis (three dots) in the top right corner.

  4. From there you can rename the group, edit people, leave or delete the group.

Important Note:

  • Users in the group can add/remove members and leave the group.

  • Owners of a group can add/remove members from their group, leave or delete the group, and also rename the group.


Employees that are added to a group will be notified via push notification. Tapping on the push notification will take you to the Group Details screen, where you can see other members.

Important note: If you are not seeing notifications, please make sure you have enabled push notifications from Envoy in your device settings.


Users can see their groups and filter who is or is not scheduled based on group members under the following areas:

  • Schedule > Scheduled employees list

  • Schedule > Invite employees list

  • Map > Coworkers list

Tapping on a group name filters the screen to show which members from that group are scheduled

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