Viewing your schedule [Mobile]

Employees can easily view their own workplace attendance by using Envoy mobile.

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You can plan your week by using the Schedule tab in Envoy mobile. You'll be able to see which days you're scheduled, which days you've checked in for, which days you didn't check in for, which coworkers have scheduled to come in, and your average workplace attendance.

On-site Status

You can see which days in the upcoming week you have scheduled by using the interactive status bar at the top of the Home page. The icons shown depend on your schedule and check-in history.

  • On current or past check-ins, the icon will display a โœ… check mark.

  • The icon will show as an ๐Ÿข office for future scheduled onsite days.

  • For past days without any onsite check-in data or future days that have not been scheduled, the icon will be a ๐Ÿ  house.

You can use the status bar to move between days or scroll ahead to view future weeks, allowing for easy planning.

Viewing your scheduled days

  1. Open up the Envoy Mobile app.

  2. To access your schedule, go to the Schedule tab.

  3. By default, today's date will be highlighted.

  4. Days you have scheduled in the future will be marked, and tapping on them will give you more details on your reservation, like which desk you have booked.

Viewing past reservations and attendance

You can view your past reservations by tapping on previous dates. This data reflects the information available to your workplace administrator, ensuring you have the most accurate details regarding your attendance.

  1. Open up the Envoy Mobile app.

  2. To access your schedule, go to the Schedule tab.

  3. By default, today's date will be highlighted.

  4. Below the calendar is a weekly average of your in-office attendance.

  5. Tap previous dates to see more information.

  6. The dates marked with a dot represent the days you checked into your reservation.

  7. Grey dates show the dates you did not check in OR did not have a reservation. You can view more details once you tap on the date.

We calculate your average attendance for the month by dividing the total days youโ€™ve checked in to the office by the number of weeks in the month so far. You can tap the ? on the attendance banner to view detailed information about your averages.

This does not factor in time off or sick days.โ€จ

See which coworkers are scheduled to be on-site

  1. Open the Envoy mobile app.

  2. Tap the Schedule tab.

  3. Tap a date on the calendar or use the arrows to view future days.

  4. Scroll down to view which employees have a reservation for the selected date.

  5. You can filter by tapping on the group name under the search bar.

  6. Don't see your favorite colleague? Navigate to the Invite column to send them an invite to the office!

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