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Now you can use the Envoy app to easily find and sit near coworkers when you’re working on-site. Follow these steps to set your schedule, search for coworkers, and reserve a desk nearby:

  1. Update your Envoy app to the latest version

  2. Open the app and tap "View more" next to your schedule

  3. When you pick a day will see who else is planning to go in that day (or use the “Invite” tab to easily let someone know you want to work together on-site)

  4. Use the search bar to find a coworker and click their name to see where they are sitting on the map

  5. Tap “Sit nearby” to see what desks are available to reserve and then “Confirm” to change your desk

Try it out! If you don’t want to share your schedule or desk location, you can turn this off in the settings within the Envoy app.


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New in Envoy: Find where coworkers are sitting and reserve a desk nearby

Now you can use Envoy to easily find and sit near coworkers working on-site the same days as you.

Rather than messaging “Where are you sitting?” or running around looking for a teammate, now you can see where your coworkers' desks are directly in the map within the Envoy app. Easily search for coworkers to see where they’re sitting and reserve a desk nearby with just a tap.

Give it a try! You will need the latest version of the app to see this update.

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