Template: Show employees how to book a desk in advance

Use this email template to show your employees how to reserve a desk days or weeks in advance

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Hi everyone,

Now you can use the Envoy app to book a desk in the office days or even weeks in advance. By setting your schedule, you can be sure that there’s a desk available on the days you need to come in. Plus, knowing your schedule helps us plan ahead and support you while you’re on-site.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Close your Envoy app on iOS or Android to refresh it (you may need to update it in the app store).

  2. When you reopen the app, you will see “Your schedule this week.”

  3. Tap view more, then choose the days you plan to come in. Tapping a day instantly adds it to your schedule and reserves you a desk.

  4. Before your visit, Envoy will send you a push notification reminding you to complete your health check. If you would like to receive this notification, be sure to enable push notifications from Envoy under your phone’s settings.

  5. Take your health check and, when you arrive, sign in as you would before. You’ll see your desk for the day in the Envoy app.

You can always change your desk if you prefer to sit in a different area or want to work near other teammates who are in on the same day. If you have questions or feedback, please let us know!

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