About device management

Envoy uses the term device management to refer to the set up, maintenance & monitoring of the devices associated with your Envoy account.

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Envoy uses the term device management to refer to the set up, maintenance, and monitoring of the devices (iPads and printers) associated with your Envoy account. The types of devices and how many devices you have will depend on two things:

  • Which Envoy products you use

  • Your specific account configurations.

Note: To use any Envoy product, you’ll also need to access your web dashboard. This requires a computer (or tablet/mobile device with a web browser) and an Internet connection.

Device management for Visitors

To use Visitors, you must have an iPad. This iPad will be the kiosk your visitors use when they sign in. If you’d like to print visitor badges, you’ll need a supported Brother printer. Badge printing is available on the Standard, Premium and Enterprise accounts, and is an optional feature. If you do not want to print badges, a printer is not required.

iPad kiosk management

Device management allows you to connect any iPad to any Envoy location. The act of connecting an iPad with your location is called pairing. When an iPad is paired to a location, visitors that sign in on that iPad create entries for that location (i.e., they will appear on the location’s dashboard and in visitor logs).

You can pair multiple iPads to one location. With multiple iPads at one location, multiple visitors can sign in at the same time, and their entries are created for the same location simultaneously.

Tip: Many of our busiest customers have two or three iPads on their front desk all paired to one location, and some have eight or more!

You’ll pair each iPad to your location using a device pairing code. This is a six-digit code that appears on the iPad when it’s not paired to an Envoy account. You’ll type this code into your devices page to pair the iPad to your account.

You can pair new iPads, view connected iPads, and monitor their status from your dashboard under Visitors > Devices > iPads.

Printer management

Standard and Premium plans support one printer per location, no matter how many iPads are paired to that location. If multiple visitors sign-in at the same time, their badges will print in the order their entries were created.

The Enterprise plan supports multiple printers per location. With Enterprise, you can specify which iPad is associated with which printer.

You can set up a new printer, view a connected printer, and monitor its status from your dashboard under Visitors > Devices > Printers.

Device management for Deliveries

To use Envoy Deliveries, you must have a mobile device that supports Envoy's mobile app (Envoy: Your Workplace App). This app is not “managed” the same as your connected iPads, but it’s important to note here that it is required to use Envoy Deliveries.

iPad management

With Envoy Deliveries, you have the option to set up one or more pick-up kiosks in each of your delivery areas. Similar to pairing an iPad for Visitors, you’ll pair your Deliveries iPad using a device pairing code.

You can pair new iPads, view connected iPads, and monitor their status from your dashboard.

  1. Select the delivery area you wish to edit.

  2. Select Devices from the top navigation.

  3. Select New iPad at the top right.

Device management for Rooms

To use Envoy Rooms, you must have an iPad that runs iOS 12.2 or later. Learn more about how to pair iPads and manage your rooms here.

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