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Setting up Envoy Mobile

This article outlines how to set up Envoy Mobile for you and your team.

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To learn more about how Envoy Mobile can help you and your team get more out of your workplace, please read the About Envoy Mobile article.

Getting started with Envoy Mobile

Anyone on your team can download the Envoy mobile app and create an account using their company email. Employees who are assigned an admin role in Envoy will see different information and have additional functionality available to them in the app.

Setting up the Envoy mobile app

Step 1: Download the Envoy mobile app

You can use the Envoy mobile app on any iPhone running iOS 13 or higher or Android 7.0 or higher. Download the app on the Apple app Store or get it from Google Play today.

Step 2: Create an account

  1. Open Envoy Mobile, and tap “Log in or sign up.”

  2. Enter your work email address.

  3. Check your email inbox on your phone, and follow the instructions to confirm your email address.*

  4. Choose which office location you would like to use the app with. You can always change locations later.

  5. Choose where you would like to receive notifications and alerts preferences. Your Envoy administrator will set notification preferences for your location, but you can set the preferences that are right for you. 

  6. Take or upload a profile photo.**

*Note on SSO: If your company requires Single Sign-On (SSO) to login to Envoy, you will not need to confirm your email on your phone. Instead, after entering your email address a prompt will appear saying "'Envoy Mobile' wants to use to sign in." This is where you will enter your SSO (Okta, Azure, etc) login credentials. If your company makes Single Sign-On (SSO) optional, you will go through the email confirmation login process described above.

**Tip: Don’t worry, you can always change the photo later if you need.

Changing your settings

If you need to check or change any settings (like your locations, host notifications, or Passport status), you can.

  1. Open Envoy Mobile on your phone.

  2. Tap the Settings gear at the top right.

  3. Change anything you need by toggling off or on different settings.

When Envoy Mobile at my company is toggled “on,” your profile photo will appear on your own office iPad.

This makes it a helpful feature to turn on while testing, but not typically recommended for day-to-day use. Just imagine if all of your employees’ profile photos were appearing on the iPad all the time!

Updating your profile

Update your picture or contact information, like your email address or phone number, by following these steps:

  1. Open the Envoy mobile app on your phone.

  2. Go to the Profile tab (click on your photo on the bottom right)

  3. Tap “Edit information” on iPhone or tap the pencil icon on Android.

FAQs about Envoy Mobile

  • Do users have to enable their location in order to use Envoy Mobile?

    • No, features like employee registration, delivery scanning, and visitor management can still be used even if users don't allow location permissions in the app. Location tracking is only required for the Passport (Kiosk detection) and for Door auto-unlock features.

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