About supported hardware

Depending on which Envoy products you’re using, there are different hardware requirements. This article outlines what hardware is required and which models are supported.

To use any Envoy product, you’ll also need to access your web dashboard. This requires a computer (or tablet/mobile device with a web browser) and an Internet connection.

Tip: You can purchase supported hardware from the Envoy store, or you're welcome to purchase it from the retailer of your choice. If you purchase from a retailer other than Envoy, please be sure to purchase the right model!

Envoy Visitors

To use Envoy Visitors, you must have an iPad. If you’d like to print visitor badges, you must also have a supported Brother printer and badges. We recommend using an iPad stand for your sign-in iPad, but it is not required.

Supported iPads

Envoy Visitors is currently only available for iPad and is not compatible with any other tablet makes or models. The following devices support iOS 12.2 or higher, which is a requirement to download and run Envoy Visitors.

  • iPads: iPad (2017 - current), iPad Air 3, iPad Air 2, iPad Air

  • iPad Minis: iPad Mini 5 (current), iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 3,

  • iPad Pros: iPad Pro 9.7 (2015), iPad Pro 11 (current), iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2015 - current)

  • iPad Airs: iPad Air 3 (2019), iPad Air 4 (Current)

Supported printers

We recommend the Brother QL-820NWB printer, which is available for purchase in the Envoy store. We also support two older models of Brother printers, the QL-720NW and QL-710W. Right now, color printers and plastic card printers are not supported.

In addition to the Brother printers, we also support various cloud printers with our Cloud Printing integration. Learn more about cloud printing with Envoy.

Supported badges

Envoy sells three types of badges in our store: plain white badges, custom color badges, and expiring badges. If you prefer to purchase from a different retailer, we recommend the Brother DK-1202 badges. Learn more about other supported Brother badges.

Envoy Mobile

  • For iOS, the device must be on iOS 13 or higher.

  • For Android, the device must be on Android 8.1 Oreo (OS 27+) or higher.

Envoy Deliveries

The Envoy Mobile app is required for package scanning, so you must have a phone that supports the Envoy Mobile app. You may set up optional pick-up kiosks in your delivery areas, which require an iPad. We recommend using an iPad stand for your delivery kiosk, but it is not required.

Supported iPads for pick-up kiosk

All iPads must run iOS 11 or higher

  • iPad: iPad (2017 - current), iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad (4th generation), iPad (3rd generation), iPad (2nd generation)

  • iPad Mini: iPad Mini 4 (current), iPad Mini 3

  • iPad Pro: iPad Pro 9.7 inch (current), iPad Pro 12.9 inch (current)

Envoy Rooms

Envoy Rooms requires an iPad outside each meeting room. Currently, we support iOS and Android devices, and have a minimum device specification. iPads must support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). We currently support:

  • iPad 5th Generation and above (iOS 12.2 and higher)

  • All iPad Air models

  • iPad Mini 4th Generation and higher

  • Android Tablets running Oreo or higher

Wall Mounts

Each room you wish to connect to Envoy Rooms should have a hardware wall mount. The hardware mounts listed do have specific generational requirements for iPads, so please ensure the hardware picked is compatible with the hardware mounts.

Recommended mounts:

Light-up cases:

Envoy supports light-up cases for Rooms as well. Here are the two that we support:

Click here to learn how to enable the supported light-up case in your dashboard.

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