Note: Any employee can send invites as long as an administrator has turned registration on.

Inviting one person to visit

  1. Go to Visitors > Invites.

  2. Click “New invite.” 

  3. Fill in the form. Fields with a red dot are required to create the invite.

    1. Optional: Set an invite to repeat. Choose how often an invite should repeat.

    2. Select an end date if you don’t want the invite to extend past a certain date.

    3. Optional: Leave a private note. This will be visible to Envoy administrators but not the visitor.

    4. Optional: Check the Send an invite email box to send an email that prompts visitors to register. 

  4. Click “Invite".

  5. After you create an invite, you have to option to go back and edit email addresses, add them to existing invites and optionally send an invitation email if needed.

Invite again

You can quickly invite someone again without having to enter all their details right from the invites log.

  1. Go to Visitors > Invites

  2. Find the person on the list you want to invite again and click the ellipses (...) to the far right

  3. Click "Invite again"

  4. Select the new date and new time (if applicable) that you want to invite them again

  5. Click "Invite"

Recurring invites (Single Invites Only)

  1. Go to Visitors > Invites.

  2. Click “New invite.”

  3. Find "Repeat" and select your interval, you can choose from

    1. Daily

    2. Weekly on that specific day

    3. Monthly on that specific day

    4. Annually on that specific day

    5. Every weekday (Monday to Friday)

  4. Optional select your end date

    1. If you leave this blank it will continue indefinitely

  5. Fill in the form. Fields with a red dot are required to create the invite.

Important Notes

  • In order to delete a recurring invite, you will want to click into the invite itself and click "Delete". That will bring up a box asking if you want to delete just that specific day's invite or all future invites tied to it.

  • You can edit existing invites. Just go to Visitors > Invites and click on the name of the invite you want to edit. When you invite a recurring invite, you will be asked if you want to make changes to that invite-only or all invites in the series.

Inviting multiple people to visit (Group Invites)

  1. Go to Visitors > Invites

  2. Click “New invite” You’ll be taken to the invite form

  3. Select Group invite from the top navigation

  4. Select the correct location and visitor type

    1. Optional: Enter a Group name that you can use to reference these visitors in the logs.

  5. You can either type in or paste the invite details in the grid below

    1. Tip: If you prefer to manually enter the information instead of pasting it, note that the Arrival date column has a date picker, and the Host column searches from names in your employee directory.

  6. Optional: Check the Send invite email box if you want to send these people an email confirming their upcoming visit, and select whether the Group name should be included in the subject of the invite. This email will also include a link to “Check in” where visitors can complete your sign-in fields before they arrive. 

  7. Click “Create invites”

✨ Important Notes:

  • We currently do not have the ability to create a recurring group invite over multiple days; at the moment, you would need to make a group invite for each day.

  • Any invites without errors will be created and accessible on your Invites page for the date you invited them to visit. If any fields contain errors, you’ll be able to view the error, adjust the invite, and resubmit. 

Inviting visitors through Envoy Mobile

Envoy Mobile for iPhone

Invite a new visitor

  1. Open Envoy: Your Workplace App on your phone.

  2. Tap the + symbol and then "Add a visitor".

  3. Fill in the invite form with all the required information.

  4. Toggle the 'Send invite email' (optional).

Invite from contacts

  1. Open Envoy Mobile.

  2. Tap the "+" button

  3. Tap “Add a visitor,” and fill out the invite form.

  4. You can choose to fill out the form manually or add from contacts.

  5. Toggle the 'Send invite email' (optional).

Re-invite a past visitor

  1. Click on Visitors

  2. Find the Visitor you want to invite again. 

  3. Click on their name, scroll to the bottom, and tap Invite again.

Envoy Mobile for Android

  1. Open Envoy Mobile on your phone.

  2. Go to the Visitors tab at the bottom and the Invites tab at the top.

  3. Tap the plus sign (+).

  4. Fill in the invite form, and tap the checkmark (✓) in the top right.

  5. On the confirm invite screen, tap the checkmark to invite the visitor. 

Inviting visitors from your calendar

Available on Premium and Enterprise plans

You can create invites from any work calendar, like Google Calendar, Outlook, and more. Your calendar must be associated with the email address listed in the Envoy employee directory.

Using Google Calendar

Step 1: Create a calendar event

  1. Download the Envoy for Google Calendar Chrome extension.

  2. Click the Envoy icon and login using your Envoy email and password. 

  3. When creating a calendar event, in the "add guest" section type [email protected] then click the “register visitors in Envoy” button. 

  4. Optionally select the Envoy workplace and visitor type using the sidebar. 

  5. Click “Save” to create the event.

  6. When prompted, choose to send invitations to your attendees. 

Step 2: Create Envoy invites for event attendees

  1. Check your inbox. You’ll have an email from Envoy. Click "Complete visitor pre-registration." A new browser window will open.

  2. Fill in the form. Double-check you’re creating invites for the correct location and visitor type.

  3. To create an invite for a visitor, turn the toggle on their row to the “on” position.

  4. Optional: Check the Send an invitation and calendar invite to the visitor box to send a registration email. 

  5. Click “Add.”

Tip: Attendees within your organization will be off by default.

Using Outlook Calendar

Step 1: Install the Outlook add-in

  1. In your Outlook inbox, look for “Get Add-ins” in the toolbar.

  2. In the new window that opens, search for “Envoy” in the top right corner.

  3. Click “Add” on the Envoy for Outlook add-in.

Step 2: Create a calendar event and invite guests

  1. Open your calendar that’s associated with your work email.

  2. Create an event as you normally would—schedule the date, time, event name, etc.

  3. Add your attendees. You can have a mix of attendees from within and outside of your organization.

  4. You will see the add-in when you click “New meeting” in Outlook.

  5. Log in with the credentials you use with Envoy. 

Editing calendar events and invites

  • Adding event attendees: If you need to add someone to an existing event, just add them to your calendar event. Then, you must make an additional edit. We recommend making a small change to the description such as adding a space to the event description.

  • Change event time or date: Invites will not automatically update within Envoy to reflect time or date changes made on your calendar. If you need to edit the time or date on your Envoy invite, you must do so from your dashboard or the Envoy mobile app.

  • Delete event or attendees: Invites will not be automatically deleted from Envoy. If you’d like to remove them, you must do so from your dashboard or the Envoy mobile app.

Inviting visitors from Slack

Available on paid plans

You can create invites while you work in Slack using the Envoy + Slack integration. 

  1. Head to the integrations page in your dashboard and install the Slack integration.

  2. Once installed, open Slack and type /envoy in the message field of any channel. Press enter.

  3. Select “Create an invite.”

  4. Choose the location of the visit, the visitor type, and the date and time of the visit. Select “Fill invite details.”

  5. Add the visitor's full name and any other information your sign-in requires.

  6. Click “Send” to create the invite in Envoy.

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