Envoy Mobile troubleshooting FAQ

Learn about common troubleshooting steps for Envoy Mobile.

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Not receiving a confirmation email

  • Check that your email is spelled correctly

  • Check your spam and ensure that [email protected] is not being blocked

  • If the issue still persists please contact us so our support team can assist

Unable to scan the QR code to sign in

  • You will need to give Envoy Mobile permission to your camera

  • When you first downloaded and open the app you were prompted to allow permission, if you declined to give that permission you have to go to Settings > Envoy > Camera and toggle on.

  • Once you do that you will go back to the app, sign in again, and you will see the camera pop up when you click "Scan QR code"

Note: If you don't want to give Envoy camera permissions you can still log in by going to your email on your phone and clicking "confirm my email".

Signing into "passport" only - not seeing the Employee page

What you see:

  • Seeing this view usually indicates that you are either
    A. Logged into Envoy with an email that does not match the email in the directory
    B. You were removed from the employee directory by an administrator

  • Scenario A - Log out and back in with the correct email address you should then see the Employee page of the app

  • Scenario B - Reach out to your admin team to let them know that you have been removed from the directory so they can add you back. Once added back to the directory, log out and back in to ensure you're seeing the right view.

What you should see:

Not seeing "Register" for Health and Safety

There could be two causes for this view

  1. The Registration window is closed and you have to wait until it opens to register.

    1. Reach out to your admin team to see what the hours to register to come into the office are.

  2. You are not properly in the directory but you are an admin. You see the right view but you don't have the ability to register to come in.

    1. Reach out to your admin team to verify you're in the employee directory.

Seeing the option to register for a date in the past for Health and Safety

If you are seeing Register with yesterday's date on the card, verify that you are physically in the same time zone as the location you're registering for.

  • For example, if you are in California attempting to Register for a New York location you will be registering for the wrong day.

  • For testing purposes be sure you're testing a location within your timezone, or adjust your phone's timezone to match that of the location you're testing.

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