Using Slack with Envoy

Use Envoy within Slack to invites visitors, register for the day, book a desk and more.

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About Slack

Slack is a desktop and mobile messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. If your company uses Slack then you can use Slack and Envoy together to complete actions within Envoy.

  • Register to come on-site

  • Book or cancel a desk reservation

  • Create visitor invites

  • Get notified when visitors and deliveries arrive

  • Check into pre-booked meeting rooms

  • Share where you’re working in your Slack status

  • Reply to notifications with just one click

To find the Slack + Envoy integration navigate to the Apps section in Slack.

Using Envoy within Slack

To receive Slack notifications, each employee must make sure Slack notifications are enabled in your personal notifications settings within Envoy. Follow the instructions in this article.

If you do not see the Envoy App in Slack you may have to install it from the Apps section.

Within Slack you can navigate between the Home, Message and About tabs.

Home tab

From the Home tab you can:

  • Send visitor invites

  • View your work schedule

  • Register/Schedule for today or in advance

  • Sync your slack status.

Messages Tab

In the Messages tab you can type in slash commands to view your desk, check in/out, create an invitation and register or schedule to come into the workplace.

Slash Commands

Type /envoy-desk into slack to view your desk.

Type /envoy-in into slack to check in with Envoy.

Type /envoy-invite into Slack to create an invitation in Envoy.

Type /envoy-out into Slack to check out of work via Envoy.

Type /envoy-register into Slack to register to come into the workplace.

Type /envoy-schedule into Slack to view your schedule.

About tab

The About tab gives you more information about Envoy and Slack as well as different links to configure this integration.

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