Delivery log basics

The delivery log is your central hub for managing deliveries.

In addition to serving as your list of deliveries, you can resend notifications, mark deliveries as picked up, move deliveries to other delivery areas and much more—all from the delivery log.

Search and sort the delivery log to see the status for specific deliveries. Or, use the delivery detail view to see more information or edit details for a specific delivery.

Delivery log: web view

  1. To view your delivery log, go to Deliveries > Delivery log. 

2. From here you will see a list of all deliveries. 

  • You can search by status (All, Pending, Picked up, and Unidentified), tracking number, and recipient name. 

Search via Tracking number

Type the tracking number into the search bar at the top right.

Search via Status

Click on All Deliveries near the top right and select the status you're wanting to view.

Search via recipient name

Click on All recipients near the top right, select Search by recipient and begin to type their name. From here our system will begin to search your directory as you type and you will see a drop down appear of all names that match. Select the name and all packages for that person will be listed.

Taking actions in web view

  1. Click the check box to the left of the delivery photo to select one or more deliveries.
  2. A new menu will appear at the top of the delivery log.
  3. Click on the action you wish to take:
  • Mark deliveries as picked up
  • Resend notifications
  • More actions > Move & Delete

Note: Selecting Move will allow you to move the delivery from one delivery area to another. For example, if you scanned to HQ: First floor mailroom by mistake and the package is actually at HQ: reception you can move the delivery and resend the notification so the recipient doesn't go to the wrong place.

Export delivery log

Envoy Deliveries sends a weekly analytics email, but you can also export your delivery log for more detailed analysis or record-keeping.

To do so, click “Export.” 

View and edit delivery details

To see more detail and/or edit an individual delivery’s details, just click on the photo or recipient name. This will open the delivery detail view.

The delivery detail view shows the following:

  1. Recipient name: If the recipient name is edited here, a delivery notification will be sent to the new recipient.
  2. Delivery area: Changing the delivery area does not trigger a new notification.
  3. Carrier and tracking number: These can be edited or added if they were not recorded via OCR.
  4. Received/picked up date and time: View and edit the time the delivery was recorded.
  5. Ellipsis (…) button: Click and select “Mark as not collected” if the delivery was marked as picked up by mistake.
  6. Delivery photo: The photo captured using the Envoy mobile app.
  7. Proof of secure pick-up (if enabled): If photo and/or signature are required to pick up deliveries, the proof of pick-up displays here.

Note: If the delivery is pending, you’ll see a “Mark as picked up” button instead of proof of pick-up.

Delivery log: mobile view

  1. To view your delivery log, open the Envoy mobile app. Tap Delivery log in the bottom menu.
  2. You’ll see a list of all delivery areas. Tap any delivery area to view the delivery log.
  3. Deliveries are separated by pending and picked up. Use the toggle at the top to switch between lists to browse deliveries.
  4. Or, try typing a recipient’s name in the search bar to search for a specific person’s deliveries.

Taking actions in mobile view

  1. Tap “Edit” in the top right corner.
  2. Select one or more deliveries.
  3. Find the new menu that appears at the bottom of the delivery log. Tap the action you wish to take:Mark deliveries as picked upResend notificationsDelete deliveries 

View delivery details

Tap on any delivery in the log to see more detail. The delivery detail view shows the following:

  1. Recipient name: If the recipient name is edited here, a delivery notification will be sent to the new recipient.
  2. Carrier: This can be edited or added if it was not recorded via OCR.
  3. Received date and time: View the time the delivery was recorded.
  4. “Mark as picked up” button: Administrators can manually mark any delivery as picked up.
  5. “Resend notification” button: Administrators have the option to resend a notification for a specific delivery at any time.

Note: If a delivery has been picked up, you’ll see the pick-up date and time instead of the “Mark as picked up” and “Resend notification” buttons.

Edit delivery details

Administrators can edit an individual delivery’s details.

  1. In the delivery detail view, tap “Edit” in the top right corner.
  2. Edit any details as needed. You can edit the recipient name, carrier, and delivery area. You can also delete the delivery from this view.

Note: Deliveries that have been marked as picked up cannot be edited from mobile. Please edit those from your web delivery log.

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