How delivery analytics works

With Deliveries, any administrator who records deliveries will receive a weekly analytics email. This email highlights key delivery stats from the previous week. It shows the number deliveries logged, number of deliveries picked up and a leaderboard of recipients who received the most deliveries. 

From the email, you can click through to a dashboard that displays additional helpful information including average pickup time for the previous week and all-time analytics.

Note: The analytics email is only sent when your delivery area is active. If you go two weeks without recording deliveries, you’ll stop receiving analytics emails.

How you can use analytics

Analytics help to shed light on how much time, money, space, and effort go into processing your employees’ deliveries. You can use these insights to create a scalable, data-driven decision for your workplace.

For example, Second Street Labs was moving to a new office, and the operations manager knew they’d want to build a designated room for deliveries. They used analytics to see how many deliveries, on average, were getting logged in a picked up every week to get a better idea of how big their package room should be.

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