Deliveries Admin FAQ

We’ve rounded up a few questions that are frequently asked about Deliveries Admins.

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What are my permissions as a Deliveries Admin?

Deliveries Admins are given location-level access to the Envoy Deliveries dashboard. You’ll have standard employee access depending on other pages of the dashboard. If you think you need access to parts of that dashboard that are currently restricted, talk to your Location or Global Admin(s).

Delivery log

You can view, edit, and manage all deliveries that appear on the delivery log. This includes updating delivery details, resending notifications, changing pickup status, and deleting deliveries.

Deliveries Mobile

In order to scan new deliveries, you’ll need to use the Envoy: your workplace app. The app is available to download on an iPad or your phone (iOS or Android).

The app includes a delivery log, which also gives you access to view, edit, and manage all deliveries for your locations.

Settings & billing

Deliveries Admins do not have access to change the Deliveries settings or access company billing details.

How do I scan a new delivery?

  1. In the Envoy Mobile app, click the + button at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select Scan a Delivery

  3. If your location has multiple Delivery Areas, click the section where the current Delivery area name is and it will bring up a list of all Delivery areas you have access to scan to.

  4. Center the label on the screen and take a photo.  Make sure the recipient's name is readable by the camera.

  5. Once you take the photo, Envoy will immediately begin trying to match the delivery with its recipient. Hit Save delivery.

  6. If you have more packages repeat steps 4 and 5 as needed.

Why did the package not automatically match to its recipient?

There are a few reasons a scanned package may not be matched to its recipient. If a package does not match, you can manually select the recipient or delete the record and try scanning again.

The most common reason is the readability of the photo - blurry photos, low lighting, bad angles, and damaged labels can prevent the recipient’s name from properly being recognized.

Packages may not match correctly if the employee is missing from your team’s directory, or is using another name. For example, a package addressed to “Liz Barnes” may not match if the employee is listed as “Elizabeth Barnes” in the directory. You can check which employees are listed in the directory via the dashboard, and an admin can set up a Nickname for the employee via the settings.

When will employees receive notifications about their packages?

Notification settings for location are set by your admin. In addition to turning all notifications on or off, they will be able to set up:

  • Notification Delay - Whether notifications are sent immediately after being matched with a recipient, or after a delay. This can give you time to organize packages before employees come to pick them up.

  • Reminder notifications - How often employees are sent reminder notifications about picking up their package.

  • Snooze notifications - Allowing recipients to temporarily disable all notifications. This is useful for when an employee is traveling for work, or on vacation.

  • Notification schedule - Your mailroom may only give employees access to pick up packages at a certain time of day. A notification schedule makes sure that messages are only sent in a set window so that employees aren’t prompted to pick up their package when the mailroom is closed.

About notifications and pickup

If your location has reminder notifications set up, employees will continue to receive notifications until the package is “Marked as picked up”

There are a few ways to mark a delivery as picked up: from the notification email, via the web dashboard or mobile app, or from the Deliveries pickup kiosk app. Additionally, you will be able to mark a delivery as picked up too.

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