How badge settings work

Before you configure your badge settings, you’ll want to choose the right type of supported badge and set up your printer. Once you’ve completed those steps, you’re ready to configure your badge settings.

Want to only print the visitor's name? Or visitor name, host, and Visitor type? Want to include sign-in time? With Envoy Visitors, you have control over the visitor details that print on your badges. And if you’re on a Premium or Enterprise plan, you can even configure your badge settings per visitor type.

Benefits of customizing badge settings

  • When you require every visitor to wear a badge, it’s easy to identify visitors that did not go through the approved sign-in process.

  • Badges can help your visitors feel more welcome since you’ll have their name and other important information at a glance.

Available customizations

Badges will always print with the visitor’s name, but the rest is up to you. No matter what type of supported badges you’re using, you have several options for customizations:

  • Your logo or company name

  • Up to two additional pieces of information collected from sign-in fields. For example, you could print their host and company names.

  • You also have the option to print visitor information with or without the field “name,” like Host: Alexa Beckfield (includes field name) or Alexa Beckfield (without field name).

  • Visitor’s photo

  • Sign-in date and time

  • Custom message

Tip: We recommend adding your guest Wi-Fi credentials in the custom message. No one will ever need to ask for it again!

Advanced customizations

You can further customize your badge design by editing the badge CSS. You can increase or decrease font and photo size, change photo placement, even switch the badge to a vertical orientation if you prefer!

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