Supported badges for Brother printers

Learn about different supported badges for all brother printers Envoy supports.

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Although we recommend purchasing badges from the Envoy store, Brother printers are compatible with multiple types of Brother badges. With a few badge display customizations, the following badge models are all supported.

Note: Envoy does not support the Brother DK-2201 or DK-2251 badges that come with the Brother 820NWB printer. Please dispose of those badges and purchase any of our supported badges.

Looking to set up a different model of printer? Check out Envoy Print for a guide on our expanded range of printers.

Using Brother badges

  1. Choose a supported badge model from the table below.

  2. Select the visitor type you wish to edit.

  3. Select Badge from the top navigation.

  4. Locate Badge display.

  5. Configure your badge display according to the badge model you’ve selected.

The Additional fields column in the table below refers to the Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2, Custom message, and Time of entry fields under Badge display. The standard size badges can support up to four fields, but if you choose a smaller badge, there is less room to print additional fields.

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