Configuring badges for Connect

Learn more about setting up badges to identify guests at your property.

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Benefits of printing badges

  • When you require every property visitor to wear a badge, it’s easy to identify visitors that did not go through the approved sign-in process.

  • Integrate with select access control systems to allow for access barcodes/QR codes to print directly on badges, allowing easy access to the building.

Available customizations

Badges will always print with the visitor’s name, but the rest is up to you. No matter what type of supported badges you’re using, you have several options for customizations.

  • Branding: Tenant name, Tenant logo, Property name, Property logo

  • Visitor Photo: Display or hide the visitor photo.

  • Custom fields: Tenant name, Host, Group name, Property walk-in, Floor, Suite.

  • Time of entry: Displays the date and time of visitor check-in

  • Custom message: Display a custom message on all badges.

  • Access control Barcode or QR code. Learn more about integrations available for connect here.

Advanced customizations

You can further customize your badge design by editing the badge CSS. You can increase or decrease font and photo size, change photo placement, even switch the badge to a vertical orientation if you prefer!

How to set up badges

  1. Navigate to your property, then to Settings > Badge printing.

  2. Next to Badge display, click Edit. Here you can choose which information to show on the printed visitor badge.

  3. You’ll see a preview of your badge display, which updates after each change, allowing you to see a draft of the badges.

  4. Make sure to click Save after making your desired customizations!

Customize the badge CSS (optional)

With Envoy, you have the ability to completely change the design and layout of your badges by customizing the CSS. Customizing the CSS technical, and we strongly recommend that you work with a web developer or designer for the best results.

  1. Next to Badge CSS, click Edit.

  2. Edit the CSS to reflect your desired design.

  3. Once you like the preview, click Save.

Print badge automatically

You can choose to have badges print automatically after every sign-in. By default, this will be ON. If you wish to manually print badges, or only print badges for certain guests, toggle this OFF.

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