How delivery areas work

When you sign up for Deliveries, one of the first setup steps includes creating a delivery area. A delivery area is a physical place where your deliveries will be sorted, recorded, and picked up.

A delivery area is used by both the Deliveries administrator and the employees in your office. As an administrator, it’s the place where you’ll record new deliveries, organize them and store them for pick-up. To employees, it’s the place they go to pick up their deliveries.

How you set up your physical space is up to you: Your delivery area can be the reception desk, a makeshift mailroom, or a formal package room. No matter what physical space you use for sorting and storing deliveries, this will be represented in Deliveries as a delivery area.

If you have a large or distributed workplace, you can have multiple delivery areas. Each delivery area will have its own delivery log, so it’s easy to see what’s been recorded and what’s been picked up at each one.

Delivery areas and your account

No matter if your Envoy account has one or multiple Visitors locations, you can create the delivery area configuration that suits your needs. At any location, you may have one delivery area, multiple delivery areas, or no delivery areas.

Here’s an example: Second Street Labs uses Envoy Visitors at three locations: HQ, Seattle, and Austin.

  • Most of their employees are at HQ, so they have a large building with two floors. They have a delivery area on each floor because they receive so many packages.

  • In Seattle, they receive a moderate number of packages, so they have one delivery area.

  • With only a few employees in the Austin office, they don’t have a high enough volume of packages to need Deliveries in this office.

Delivery area settings

You’ll manage settings for each delivery area from your Deliveries > Settings > Delivery areas page. 

Delivery area name

Each delivery area needs a name. It’s best to name your delivery areas something short and descriptive to help employees know where to come to pick up their deliveries. Giving a delivery area a good, clear name is especially important if you’re using multiple delivery areas.

Notification message

You can customize the text of your delivery notifications for each delivery area. You can add in custom variables to automatically populate the recipient’s name, delivery area name, carrier name (like UPS or FedEx), and date received.

Again, this is especially handy if you have multiple delivery areas since you can add in the delivery area name and specific instructions for that area. This way, each recipient will know the location of their package and how to retrieve it.


You can use an optional delivery pick-up kiosk in your delivery area. This kiosk is an iPad that makes it easy for employees to mark their deliveries as picked up. They just search for their name, and they’ll see a list of all their pending deliveries. They select the ones they’re picking up, and that’s it!

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