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Multiple Hosts on invites
Multiple Hosts on invites

Add additional hosts to invites to ensure a great visitor experience.

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When inviting a visitor to your workplace, assigning a host is a necessary step. The host can view and edit the invite, receive timely notifications upon the visitor's arrival, and serve as the primary point of contact. This setup ensures that the visitor is well-received has a great experience.

But what if the visitor needs to meet with more than one person?

By adding multiple hosts to the invite, each host gains access to the same invitation details. This shared access allows for better coordination and ensures that all parties are informed and ready for the visit.


  • Interviewing: You can add all interview panelists as well as the recruiting team to the invite.

  • Events: For large-scale corporate events like product launches or press conferences, multiple hosts can help in managing diverse groups of attendees.

  • Client Meetings: In meetings with important clients, especially where discussions span multiple departments or areas of expertise, having representatives from sales, project management, and technical teams as co-hosts ensures that everyone is informed of the client's arrival in a timely manner.

How it works

Currently, this feature is only available for single, non-recurring, single-location invites on the web version of Envoy.

  1. Navigate to Visitors > Invites and select New invite.

  2. Fill out the invitation after selecting the correct visitor type.

  3. After adding a host, select Add other hosts.

  4. This opens another field where you can add up to 9 additional hosts.

  5. Once you've added the additional hosts, click Invite.

Host Emails

Upon creation, all hosts on the invite will be sent an confirmation email. This details the visitor information as well as all hosts, separating out primary host and additional hosts.

Host Notifications

Just as with regular host notifications, all secondary hosts will receive notifications, depending on their preferred notification methods. Learn more about host notifications.

Visitor Invites

Visitors will receive invite emails with only the primary host listed on the invite. Learn more about visitor emails.


Does this work with group invites or recurring invites?

  • No, this feature is only available on single, non-recurring invites. Expanded functionality is coming soon, be sure to check our changelog for the latest enhancements.

Can I add multiple hosts when creating an invite through the Outlook or Google integrations?

  • At the moment, this feature is only available when using the web version of Envoy.

Can a visitor add multiple hosts when signing in on the kiosk?

What if I need to remove a host?

  • You can easily remove a host by editing the invite and clicking on the "x" next to their name.

How is this different from an assistant?

  • Assistants are notified every time when their executive's visitor checks in. With multiple hosts, you can choose when additional people need to be notified, regardless of who the primary host is. This allows for greater flexibility than the assistants feature.

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